PUBLISHED: 2:54 AM 26 Aug 2016

Chelsea Clinton Makes More In An Hour Than Members Of Congress Make ALL MONTH


They Laugh At How Much Money She Makes Compared To Congress

One of the talking points of this years election have been the speaking fees that the Clinton family receives for simply saying some words. Hillary Clinton was often speaking to groups that had been lobbying the government for money. She also made about $200,000 per speech.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, also makes a lot of money per speech. But he was the former President of the United States and Hillary was a former Senator and Secretary of State. Basically they were both high ranking officials and some people believe that hearing them speak should come at a price.

But what about their daughter? Chelsea Clinton was never a high-ranking official in the Federal Government, yet she was paid $65,000 to speak to the University of Missouri at Kansas City. They were looking for a “celebrity” speaker to headline a luncheon.


They Wanted Her To Speak To The University Of Missouri at Kansas City?

This was back in 2014. They initially reached out to Hillary, but she was commanding nearly $300,000. Since the university couldn’t afford that, they turned to her daughter. Now according to a spokesperson, the $65,000 was directed at the Clinton Foundation.

The reason that it’s bad that Chelsea Clinton is getting money for speaking is because she could eventually influence her mother into trying to help some groups that have asked for her. Instead of doing things that would benefit the citizens of the United States, Hillary might try and do some actions that would only help the groups that have donated to her.

Hillary herself has made over $22 million in speaking fees, but nearly $16 million of that came from groups that have lobbied Congress or other parts of the Federal Government since 2008. Another way to put it is that almost 75 percent of the speaking fees came from people who want money.

The Life Of A Clinton When You Spend Your Entire Career Being Corrupt

The Life Of A Clinton When You Go And Speak And Make A Lot Of Money

Why is this bad? Well think about it. These groups that ask Clinton to go and speak on their behalf are going to donate money to her. She is now the Democratic Party’s candidate for President. There are some people that think that those fees are going to influence her decisions as President.

Now Clinton says that they won’t, but she will say anything to get money or votes. That was one of the main attacks against Clinton from Bernie Sanders. It’s a good thing to be skeptical about.

Looking at the amount of money that was donated from groups, a little over $7 million was from different trade groups. Trade has been a big part of the election this year, with people referring to the Trans Pacific Partnership. Both Sanders and Donald Trump have been strongly against this deal, but Clinton is a little trickier.

Money Given To Clinton For Speaking

Clinton Received Over $7 Million From Different Trade Groups To Speak At Their Rallies

She has publicly supported the deal over 40 times, but now all of a sudden she claims that she is against it. So it could be speculated that some of the trade groups that have paid her to speak are also asking for favors.

Another group that has donated a lot to Clinton have been the financial services department. Money is obviously a very important thing, but it seems that anything that Clinton supports would only benefit her instead of everyone. And these groups donated over $4 million to her. Among the $4 million donated was $675,000 from Goldman Sachs. That is a group on Wall Street. We have already seen what happens to the country when you try and save Wall Street.

Something that flew under the radar but is actually important includes the media/Telecommunications groups that have donated to her. It’s not a surprise that the media groups are all favoring Clinton. After all, Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and that allowed six corporations to go out and control 90 percent of the media.

Clinton signing the 96 Act

Bill Signed This Act Into Law

So it makes sense that they want to go out and support Hillary. After all they are always looking for ways to privatize anything they can. So the media group donating to her is a little interesting.

Basically any group that asks any of the Clinton family to go and speak at their event is most likely looking to get some sort of a kickback for if Clinton is elected President. It would be one of those situations that would be “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

Even though the President of the United States is supposed to look after every citizen, it seems that lately people who donate large amounts of money are going to be gifted with special favors. Laws and executive orders can be passed that would directly benefit them over everyone else.


Clinton Would Directly Benefit People That Have Donated To Her Rather Than The Citizens Of The United States

It’s not out of the question to think that people who donate to the Clinton family are looking for special favors. Considering that the groups that have donated the most to her are other groups that have been asking for money for the government since 2008.

How Much Clinton Was Paid

That’s How Much Money Has Been Donated To Clinton From Lobbyist Groups

Not only is the skepticism there, but also people are going to be questioning every move that she makes. Considering that if you are the leader of the United States, you’re going to want people to trust you. Well her approval ratings are not good. So people are not going to trust her at all. Which is sad.

Share this article to show that the Clinton’s seem to get money just for speaking a few words to different groups. That isn’t a good thing, considering that they may want to influence the group’s decision should Hillary be elected President. We cannot let that happen. Go out and vote for Trump on Election Day. That could be the only way to prevent any more corruption in the White House.