Deputy Of Charity Resigns Amid Scandal

PUBLISHED: 9:23 PM 13 Feb 2018

Charity Scandal Grows, Deputy Of Oxfam Resigns

The organization is one of the best known in the world.

British charity, Oxfam, had organization leadership resign after failure to address the persistent illegal behavior.

Penny Lawrence, the deputy head of the British charity Oxfam, resigned on Monday over her failure to appropriately respond to the charities sexual misconduct allegations. Multiple accusations coming from charitable efforts in Chad and in Haiti made headlines last week.

The Times first reported of the sexual abuse scandals emanating from the charity last week. The resulting fallout has resulted in the removal of the deputy head of the international British organization.

A nongovernmental organization (NGO), the London-based charity came under scrutiny and by government officials. Officials operating within the United Kingdom (UK) threatened to stop providing government aid to the group if changes were not made.

The ruling conservative party in the United Kingdom have argued against using tax dollars on frivolous aid spending. Suggesting the funds could be better spent on domestic programs, the sexual deviancy displayed by these NGOs help to bolster that argument.

Penny Mordaunt the Minister of Aid threatened Oxfam on Sunday with cuts to the government aid. Demanding all information be released about the horrendous events in Haiti.

Mordaunt demanded that Oxfam demonstrate the resolve to accept responsibility. Hoping the senior managers could show the moral strength necessary to respond to the issues, the minister of aid called for charity to begin rebuilding community trust after the 2011 scandal.

The Charity Commission has launched an investigation into the inquiry. Results have concluded that Oxfam was not entirely honest and forthcoming with their testimony.

Withholding evidence and hindering an ongoing investigation, the company has not been cooperating with authorities in uncovering the details of the incident.

With heightened concerns over the organization’s leadership, Lawrence resigned. Rather than face the onslaught of questions regarding the charities involvement in Chad and Haiti, Lawrence no longer feels she is capable of guiding the NGO.

Working as program director at the time, Lawrence allowed a prostitution ring to take root in Chad by her employees. Before being reassigned to Haiti, Lawrence oversaw supposed charitable efforts in the African nation of Chad.

While Lawrence was still in Chad, the country director and the members of his team were accused of lascivious behavior. The allegations were met with a new role for Lawrence who was supposed to be providing oversight and bringing aid relief to the region.

Following the internal investigation conducted by the NGO, seven employees were dismissed or separated voluntarily.

One of Britain’s best-known charities, the foundation has been operating for over 75 years. Last year the charity reported receiving an astounding 32 million pounds ($44 million) in federal grants.

The charity of Oxfam receives close to 10% of their overall income from the federal government. Britain is one of only six United Nations members to reach the goal of spending 0.7% gross national product on aid.

The British parliament spends 13 billion pounds a year on aid. While much of the aid funding has come under fire, government leaders propose taxes can be better spent on domestic projects.

Oxfam operates over 650 second-hand shops around the London area. The company relies on the proceeds from the used goods to continue international operations.

Many experts claim the scandal will have a resounding impact on the private donations that drive the industry. The bad publicity could have a negative effect on the entire charity sector.

Many worry that the sex scandal may have broader implications on charitable donations for the country. Multiple charities have been plagued by horrible accusations.

Charity workers across the globe are drawing condemnation for abuses being carried out in the name of aid.

The Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative have been linked to human trafficking rings operating out of Haiti and war-torn Africa.

Many NGOs operating within the Mediterranean are guilty of human trafficking and selling Africans into slavery. Arranging for people to be ferried from northern Africa and into European waters, NGOs function without oversight.

Receiving government funding and federal aid, many NGOs also receive large donations from liberal globalists such as George Soros.

Many charities are being exposed as villainous organizations leeching off western civilization. Taking advantage of the moral compulsion to extend aid and relief to those that need it, NGOs are filled with corrupt irredeemable people.

President Donald Trump announced the American people will no longer fall victim to the false song of globalism. The rippling effects are being seen across the world. The Me-Too movement is working to help drain the globalist swamp.