It Was A Scam?

PUBLISHED: 8:57 PM 15 Nov 2018

Charges Filed As Homeless Charity Story Was One Big Giant Scam

Johnny Bobbitt, Kate McClure, and Mark D’Amico plotted and carried out the homeless scam that was the rage a few months ago in the news according to charges filed.

Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt in the original image that went viral over their story. (Image credit, McClure)

The homeless Philadelphia man, Johnny Bobbitt, and the New Jersey couple who became a ‘symbol of generosity in hard times’ apparently made up the whole thing. The trio is facing charges of conspiracy and theft by deception, according to a complaint obtained by NBC 10 Philadelphia.

The original story was that Johnny Bobbitt, who was homeless, gave his last $20 to Kate McClure, a stranded motorist in November, to help her get gas.

To thank him, McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, created a GoFundMe account for the kind stranger, netting more than $400,000.

But investigators claim the three deliberately withheld information “that would affect [donors] judgment about solicited contribution to that fundraising effort.”

The couple turned themselves in on Wednesday to Burlington County, but no one knows exactly where Bobbitt is at this time.

The Burlington County Prosecutor’s office is expected to make an announcement in the case today, The New York Post reported, citing multiple reports.

The story began to unravel after Bobbitt sued the couple in August this year, claiming that the couple used the GoFundMe money as “personal piggy bank.”

“They went on shopping sprees,” Bobbitt’s attorney told reporters. “[Bobbitt] tells me they had a Louis Vuitton bag and Chanel sunglasses, a new iPhone 10.”

Fox News reported, Bobbitt “ultimately received roughly $75,000 from the GoFundMe, which he used to purchase a camper and SUV — both of which he no longer has.

“D’Amico claimed in August that he controls the funds and that he would dispense the money when Bobbitt gets a job and stops using drugs. Police had raided the couple’s New Jersey home in September, confiscating a new BMW, jewelry and cash.

“McClure and D’Amico’s attorney, Ernest Badway, said in court in September that about $200,000 had gone to Bobbitt. But Superior Court Judge Paula Dow said Badway indicated he was ‘misadvised’ by his clients and that later the court learned there was no money left.”

Ernest Badway, the couple’s attorney, has not responded to this latest development.

The result of the scam has sickened many people who think that such a plot is just about the lowest, low-life thing these dirt bags could come up with.