Patriots Fans Take To The Streets

PUBLISHED: 5:44 PM 5 Feb 2018

Chaos Erupts At University, Disappointed Patriots Fans Break Into Fights

6 were arrested as students set off firecrackers and smoke bombs.

Students were not interested in higher education as they fought one another over a mere football game.

Let’s face it, some of us who’ve boycotted professional football all year (costing the N.F.L. a fortune) over the disrespectful kneeling tuned in to support the dynasty of the Patriots during the Super Bowl. Minus the kneeling, sports are supposed to be a release from the stresses of the real world. Somehow, people have taken it into their heads that rioting without a cause after a victory or defeat is something normal.

At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst roughly “2,000 students gathered on campus after the game and there were multiple fights,according to Boston’s CBS 6 News. Firecrackers and smoke bombs were also said to be going off with total abandon.

To be honest, the firecrackers would make sense if they were employed for purposes of fun, but what are people fighting about? Most of them were rooting for the same team and, regardless, what is there to fight over with a game?

Powder pepper stray weapons were used by police to thin the crowds who themselves likely could not articulate what they were rioting for if they were asked to.

Six people were taken into custody and 12 were taken to the hospital. Imagine the “fun” they could have had if the Pats had won!

We are seeing happy fans in Philadelphia acting even worse and their team won! It is impossible to imagine how anyone could cause such malice over such a trivial and non-vital issue when there is no point in the battle. Excitement is now confused with rage in America, and that is clearly a very serious mental problem that we deal with as a collective these days.

Not everywhere was filled with hate, thankfully. At Buffalo Wild Wings in North Canton, Ohio, the passion was hot but the crowds were friendly.

I just want to see if Brady can do it again,” said one gentleman from England who was quickly rebutted by a man behind him hoping to see Pats fall like Goliath.

A bit of ribbing took place, and even that was met with smiles. However, with violence being the new normal during games, those attending sports bars all over America certainly wondered if someone was going to be an idiot behaving badly over the score.

That should not be something that even crosses in our minds. The “City of Brotherly Love” has citizens that are so uncaring about their fellow man that the city had to grease lamp posts, as we have covered in the past. Fans in Phili’ were saying, “F**k these poles,” furious that the city tried to stop the mindless revolt to decency.

The question still remains, why would someone not buy a stranger a beer and scream happily that the Eagles won? Why set that person’s car on fire, instead?

The Super Bowl does not even matter in light of the fact surrounding this dreadful acceptance of pointless aggression. It is a sign that we secretly really do mean harm to those around us, and some people are using a game as an outlet for that.

There is no worse news to be found, not even on the sports pages in New England this morning.

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