Drive By Shooting Live

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 26 May 2021
UPDATED: 5:40 PM 26 May 2021

Celebrating George Floyd? Drive By Shooting Captured On Live Broadcast

Nothing says support for a drugged-up criminal like engaging in a cowardly act of terrorism (aka drive by shooting).

You can't this stuff up. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Yesterday, as reporters were busy spinning the BLM narrative about evil police officers on the anniversary of George Floyd’s arrest, supporters showed their enthusiasm by conducting a drive-by shooting.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The George Floyd autonomous zone was hoping to have a moment of silence for George Floyd today but instead, the autonomous zone broke out in gunfire.

The George Floyd autonomous zone in Minnesota boasts a shrine at an intersection near where Floyd was killed.

Unfortunately for those wanting to memorialize George Floyd’s death, gunfire broke out at the autonomous zone.