Gov Firearms Bias

PUBLISHED: 7:44 PM 28 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 10:48 PM 28 Sep 2018

CDC ‘Selection Bias’ Involving Firearms Exposed

The National Violent Death Reporting System is rigged.

The CDC has been caught tampering with data to push a gun control agenda

Many people understand that leftists deeply embedded in the U.S. Government often target America’s Constitutional rights. The one right that secures all the others is the Second Amendment, making it a favorite target for some.

In 1997, Congress banned the CDC from spending money to promote gun control, utilizing a rider attached to that year’s annual appropriations bill that prohibited funds made available “to advocate or promote gun control.” However, that was changed. In fact, the CDC is back to it’s regular push, it seems, and are even admitting ‘selection bias’ in their fact gathering process. And, of course, taxpayers foot the bill.

In 2016, eighteen Democrat Senators released a letter to Senate Labor-HHS-Education Subcommittee Appropriations Chairman Roy Blunt, Ranking Member Patty Murray, Senate Appropriations Chairman Thad Cochran, and Vice Chairwoman Barbara Mikulski urging them to schedule a hearing to restore funding to the CDC for the explicit purpose of studying “Gun violence.”

Obama demanded that the center get back to work vilifying American gun ownership during his presidency. He requested $10 million dollars in funding, but Congress held firm and denied the additional money.

For decades, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been involved in activism against the Second Amendment. In 1993, a CDC funded study claimed that gun ownership increased the likelihood of death by gun violence. But apparently, the study was flawed.

It used data from high crime areas where residents were murdered in their homes, and then attempted to project the data onto all gun owners.

In the same year’s official winter publication, the CDC recommended that only the military and police be allowed to own firearms and private ownership be prohibited. CDC Acting Section Head of Division of Injury Control, Dr. Mark Rosenberg flatly stated the goal was to create a public perception of firearms as “dirty, deadly—and banned.”

The center also handed out taxpayer moneys to anti-gun groups, who called for organizing protests of gun manufacturers and requested that members “work for campaign finance reform to weaken the gun lobby’s political clout.”

When the CDC did return to studying firearm ownership and violence, the results were a spectacular disappointment for leftists who hoped to use the results to curb American freedom.

The studies found that armed Americans were less likely to be injured by an attacker, the defensive use of guns was common, and mass shootings were rare and in decline.

Though the CDC lost some ability to push for gun control and charge American taxpayers for their efforts to restrict constitutional rights, it hasn’t prevented them from attempting to shade data in a way that reflects negatively towards firearm ownership. The agency has carefully shaped data collection to inflate the rates of deaths caused by firearms.

When deaths by violence are recorded in the CDC’s National Violence Death Reporting System, unintentional and accidental firearm deaths are included as ‘deaths by violence.’

Although people also expire violently in accidental car wrecks, airplane crashes, farm and factory mishaps, and drownings, these are not included in the violent death tallies.

This data doctoring has a dramatic effect on the information available to Americans.

Looking at the CDC’s reporting in 2015, it appears that “gun violence” accounts for more than 50% of all violent deaths in the United States. However, that includes unintentional firearms deaths as “violence,” but leaves out the other ways a person could experience a violent death.

The same year transportation deaths accounted for 11.95 per 100,000 of U.S. population, poisoning 14.92 per 100,000, falls 10.4 per 100,000, and drowning and fires 1.86.

By excluding these categories, the CDC managed to imply that of the violent death rate of 19.67 per 100,000 people, 11.03 per 100,000 of those deaths were due to gun violence.

So, according to the CDC, 56 percent of violent deaths are directly attributed to firearms.

However, by incorporating the other ways people can meet a violent end as the CDC did with accidental gun deaths, it provides a clearer picture of the truth.

The four categories, poisoning, falls, drowning and fires totaled 39.13 deaths per 100,000 was vastly more than the total of 19.67 per 100,000 reported, eclipsing the number attributed to gun deaths.

Including all violent death figures drops gun violence from 56 percent of the total violent deaths to 18.75 percent. This includes unintentional firearm deaths, which the CDC labels as “gun violence.”

By forcing reports through a template that includes accidental and unintentional gun deaths as ‘death by violence,’ the death rate for firearms is artificially exaggerated and can be used for fear mongering among Americans unfamiliar with gun ownership, and much of the Democrat base.

Numerous gun owners feel the left has loaded government agencies with ideologues who use their positions to try and advance the Democrat’s agenda, at the expense of truth and freedom.

The Center for Disease Control has taken it on themselves to make firearms equal to sickness, or some sort of a virus.

It seems they deliberately cherry pick and distort data to make it appear as if the U.S. is experiencing some sort of national pandemic of gun deaths.

Many American believe the action is intentional, and a direct attack on the rights of U.S. citizens affirmed and protected by the Constitution.

Most Americans don’t view firearms as a disease; they’re recreation, tools for defense, a means of providing food for American families, and our heritage. Firearms are freedom.