CBS Smears Hero

PUBLISHED: 3:30 PM 25 May 2018

CBS Tries To Slander OKC Hero After Using Gun To Save Lives

Rather than applaud the hero, CBS wants to know if he had a permit to carry a gun.

CBS smears hero after saving lives.

In the immediate aftermath of an armed hero killing a potential mass shooter at a restaurant in Oklahoma on Thursday, CBS wants to know if he legally owned the firearm he used to take down the shooter, and was legally carrying it. As noted by Finkel Blogger, CBS couldn’t pass up the chance to let the mainstream’s fixation on gun control creep in.

Instead of praising a hero who saved countless lives and risked his own to take down a deranged suspect, some hate-filled, ignorant person thought it was a good idea to smear the man.

During a segment on “CBS This Morning,” the hosts began discussing yesterday’s shooting at an Oklahoma City restaurant, where an armed bystander, whose identity has not yet been revealed, used his own pistol to kill a shooter at Louies Grill & Bar.

The shooter, who also has not yet been identified, opened fire at the restaurant. He hit at least two people, who are expected to survive and make a full recovery.

When the gunman ran from the scene, the armed man pulled out his pistol, and fatally shot him outside of the restaurant.

At the end of CBS’ segment, reporter David Begnaud was far more concerned about whether the armed man legally possessed the gun he used to stop a mass shooting.

“We asked the police if that armed civilian had a permit to carry his weapon, and they told us they didn’t know but they were looking into it,” he said.

Wow. It’s probably safe to assume the police and people who were lucky to survive on Thursday night don’t care one scintilla about whether the hero had a permit to carry the gun. He risked his own life to kill the shooter and saved a lot of people with his heroism.

Moreover, he has a constitutional right to own a firearm.

Does CBS want him prosecuted? Will they report the man to police if he doesn’t have a permit to carry the gun? Only a liberal media hack would think about something so disgusting when discussing a man who just thwarted a shooting and saved lives.

CBS is acting like a mouthpiece for the anti-gun movement and trying to infringe on Americans right to bear arms. Citizens have every right under the U.S. Constitution to defend themselves against a potentially tyrannical government or dangerous situation.

This man is a hero and exercising his right to bear arms saved countless lives. The media is far more concerned with pushing its leftist narrative than reporting the facts.

Watch the CBS segment below: