Dem Confronted By Reporter

PUBLISHED: 8:23 PM 4 Jan 2019

CBS Reporter Stuns: Calls Chuck Schumer Out On Border Wall Flip Flop

It is truly stunning to many people that this reporter actually reported the words Chuck Schumer has said over the past years, and confronted him about his mysterious change in sentiment.

Chuck Schumer got embarrassed by a CBS reporter who actually quoted his own words about border security back to him.

Fearless CBS reporter Marcia Kramer actually asked one of the biggest hypocrites in the Senate about his change of heart over border security.

The clip has amazed many people over the fact that is was actually done, and that the interview was interspersed with Chuck Schumer’s own words.

Previously, Schumer has been an advocate for a border barrier and for not calling illegal immigrants ‘undocumented.’

The rhetoric he used before President Trump took office would most likely draw praise from the President today.

Kramer highlighted Schumer’s unequivocal statements slamming those who preferred substituting the term “undocumented workers” for illegal aliens.

“Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple.  Until the American people are convinced we can stop future flows of illegal immigration, we will make no progress in dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants who are here now…” Schumer previously said.

Of course, that was before the influx of illegals were granted amnesty by Obama.

Another clip shows Schumer stressing the need for having hundreds of miles of border fencing and barriers, in order to secure the border.

This from the man who has asked President Trump recently to give him “one reason” for the money to construct the very barrier he preciously championed.

He said, “We must do as much as we can to gain control of our borders as soon as possible…”

It seems strange to many people that typically, democrats are given a free pass by the mainstream media when they change their ‘core beliefs,’ or break promises.

President Trump hasn’t broken a single campaign promise yet.

Schumer said today, “Left to his own devices, President Trump can keep the government shut down for a long time,” Schumer said on the Senate floor. “The president needs intervention, and leader McConnell and Senate Republicans are just the right ones to intervene.”

Schumer, D-N.Y., credited Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., with being an able negotiator who could help find a resolution to the shutdown, which is now two weeks old. But he theorized that McConnell is staying on the sidelines because he can’t work with Trump.

“Probably because he realizes this president, President Trump, is erratic, unreliable and sometimes even irrational,” Schumer ignorantly complained. “In sum, President Trump is a terrible negotiator.”

Actually, many people think McConnell realizes that the people of America want the border wall, just like Chuck did ten years ago.

Moreover, President Trump is not a terrible negotiator, as his history in the private sector and as president has shown. However, he is a man on a mission, and none of the democrat, deep state tactics have the power to sway him.

North Korea no longer testing missiles, Chuck, how is that bad negotiating?

Many people agree that these sour grapes and attacks are becoming more and more desperate as democrats realize they have no power to stop the shutdown without giving in to the president.

Way to go Marcia Kramer, for at least having the guts to show the hypocrisy of a career politician like Schumer… if only there were others like you.