Dem Broke Law

PUBLISHED: 5:09 PM 11 Jul 2018

CBP Says NYC Mayor Illegally Crossed Border During Media Stunt

De Blasio illegally crossed into Mexico during his media stunt to enter a migrant detention center.

De Blasio is trying to make it easier for eligible inmates to vote in elections while in jail.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio violated Mexican and U.S. federal immigration laws when he crossed the border during his media stunt last month at a migrant detention center.

In a letter from U.S. Customs and Border Protection obtained by The Associated Press, de Blasio and his security detail illegally crossed into Mexico during a visit to El Paso, Texas. De Blasio claims he had “approval,” which he apparently made up, because there doesn’t seem to be any record of it. His actions have made it clear that laws do not apply to him, only to the little people.

On June 21, de Blasio and nearly two dozen other liberal mayors traveled to the migrant detention center to protest President Donald Trump‘s zero-tolerance immigration policies. A problem created by liberals in congress.

No one is allowed inside the detention facilities unless they have granted access. Liberals like de Blasio knew that, but still went to the center for a publicity stunt.

While he may have scored some points with a few hardcore leftists, not only was he denied entry, he broke the federal law while trying to act like a tough guy.

The letter states that a Border Patrol agent noticed a group of people on the Rio Grande River near the Port of Entry in Tornillo, Texas. The group was taking photos of the facilities and walking around like they had the authority to do so.

Of course, when the agent confronted the group, it was de Blasio and his goons. When the unnamed agent asked if they had the authorization to be there, they said “no.”

When he asked how they arrived, de Blasio’s group pointed to Mexico. They illegally crossed into Mexico, and then illegally crossed back into the U.S. And, on top of that, they didn’t have approval to illegally bypass the Port of Entry. That’s three felonies for all of them.

Aside from de Blasio breaking several laws, the Democrats manufactured a fake “crisis” at the border because the Trump administration is enforcing federal immigration laws.

As noted by Conservative Daily Post, liberals like de Blasio are criticizing Trump for using the same”zero tolerance immigration practices as former Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama. There were no protests and outrage when these three administrations temporarily separated children from the adults they arrived with at the border, yet liberals want Trump impeached for doing the exact same thing.

Liberals never once cared, rallied, or protested over how migrant children were handled by Obama’s administration, even when he delivered some to child traffickers. Democrats care more about catering to illegals’ feelings and attacking President Trump than enforcing the law.

De Blasio should spend more time not breaking several federal laws rather than attacking Trump for actually following the law.