Professor Labels Trump White Supremacist

PUBLISHED: 12:22 AM 2 Feb 2018

Caught On Tape: Professor Teaches Class Trump Is White Supremacist

Colleges are allowing these lectures all over. This professor encouraged the demolition of democracy.

The President continues to gain support from Americans, no matter what their backgrounds are.

Professor Albert Ponce, from Diablo Valley College, calls for “the abolition of white democracy” during a campus forum. It was the first in the school’s “Social Justice Lecture Series.” The professor lectured on how President Trump is a White Supremacist, while a student video recorded his rationalizations.

Let us set aside the obvious jokes about it being the Devil’s college. And ignore the irony of Mr. Ponce talking about the Spanish slave trade.

The lecture covers Locke and Hume and enlightenment ideas of liberty, which the founding fathers drew from. Little or no mention is made of the end of feudalism, which brought ideas of freedom and self-governance back into social consciousness. That usually happens after a long oppressive rule from kings or communist tyrants.

The ideas of the U.S. Constitution and our form of government originate from the Magna Carta and the Roman Republic. As time passes, these ideas survive and evolve because the truth of their contents resonates with the free man.

After a history lesson, the community college professor eventually gets to the sales pitch. In his presentation, he glorified Karl Marx as “one of the most profound thinkers in the history of western philosophy.” Ponce’s Marxist message is pretty straight forward.

Ponce attacks the President, as if nothing has changed in the last one hundred years. He says, “[I]t is fitting that a white supremacist of old with a white supremacist today exist and sit there smiling in the White House.”

This is socialism, now tailored for the “diversity” crowd. But, there are two problems with Ponce‘s race-baiting revisionism.

First, Karl Marx was a white guy, and a pretty racist one at that. He wrote anti-Semitic literature including, “World Without Jews.”

Second, it is problematic to take philosophy out of the context of the time in which it was written. The Age of Enlightenment enabled the industrial revolution and Marx. Its society still had some things to overcome, and so do we.

Karl Marx and the hipster Marxism that glorifies Sartre and Che Guevara are not the same. Marx was concerned with the German working class of his day. What Ponce is parroting is the Social Darwinism that came along before race politics on American campus.

It seems that this new racism is a trend where otherwise unremarkable college professors draw attention to themselves. A Michigan professor recently wrote an essay which claimed that white people who practice yoga are supremacists, somehow are still benefiting from colonialism.

Hinduism would reject such an egocentric and negative outlook. Harboring those kinds of beliefs does not jive with yoga. Co-author Lillie Wolf describes herself as an “anti-racist white Jewish organizer, facilitator, and healer.” Between Lillie Wolf and Professor Ponce, the cultural confusion is off the charts.

College students are also calling for the resignation of Stanford University professor David Palumbo-Liu. His far-left student group is believed to be a chapter of the terrorist group, Antifa. He has previously written anti-Isreal material and has a leadership position in an “anti-fascist” group. Antifa is classified by the DHS and FBI as domestic terrorists.

A Florida Gulf Coast University professor is teaching a “White Racism” class. He claims that it is not an attack on white people, just society that is “racially stratified” based on white supremacy. If whites reign supreme, why are there no white professors teaching a “Black Racism” class?

Professor Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt says that not engaging in identity politics is a symptom of a “white supremacist disposition.” So any individual, no matter what race, is a white supremacist because you do not want to identify yourself with a political ideology that perpetuates division. She identifies ways to recognize how someone “unconsciously” contributes to white supremacy. You do not even know you’re doing it.

Only in an intellectually free country like ours can professors talk this way about the President. Freedom of speech even protects racists. These are the freedoms that the Constitution enshrines in our culture. At some point that should sink in.

All men are created equal, but it is the content of character that determines the rest – happiness, intellectual honesty, moral code, et cetera. That is Aristotle, a Greek from the West, but the American thinker Martin Luther King Jr. agreed. That is American culture.