Christian Church Demeaned

PUBLISHED: 5:53 PM 11 Jul 2018

Catholic Leader Wants To Turn All Churches To Mosques

This is not what the Bible meant by helping a "stranger."

What exactly is happening withing the Catholic Church?

The Christian faith is being surpassed in America by the fastest growing religion of Wicca, and today Jihad Watch has revealed that it is not only America that is seeing the culture changed. In Italy, Islam that is altering the landscape. Monsignor Raffaele Nogaro, bishop emeritus of Caserta, has said that he would be willing to “turn all the churches into mosques,” for the sake of ‘saving’ people.

This is alarming for a few reasons that go beyond the obvious concern of losing the foundational doctrines of the West. This is the Catholic Church, once standing for Christ like an unmovable rock, that is now opening the door to all sorts of biblical deviations.

Yes, the Bible does certainly call Christians to accept the “stranger,” which in time written often meant “stranger of a different faith.” However, the good book also calls for a provider to care for his family and it is hard to tell which Muslims are dangerous and which are not.

Inviting the very terrorists who mingle with refugees into a nation is not providing for one’s family by any stretch of the imagination.

Some people are taking to the streets, even a few nuns, missionaries, and others, and protesting. A ten day fast is taking place even as protestors asked, “Have you ever cried when you saw a boat of migrants sink?” This they questioned because it is said that 33,000 migrants sank at sea trying to flee the carnage in the Middle East.

Father Alessandro Santoro even said, “we defend the principle of humanity with the weapons we have: our bodies” and quoted “I was a foreigner and you did not welcome me.

If the quote said, “I was a foreigner mixed with terrorists and you can’t tell the difference and you did not welcome me,” that would be more accurate. Furthermore, the “foreigners” spoken of in that quote were not arriving to change the existing culture while dwelling there as so many Muslims (even peaceful ones) wish to do in the West.

We will continue in Montecitorio to testify with fasting against the migration policies of this government,” proclaimed Father Zanotelli. “We will continue to fast for another 10 days with a protest in front of Montecitorio from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What all of this proves, at least to some degree, is that those who feared that Islam was being used by the United Nations and other world controllers to trample out the Christian faith (which is a boon to liberty and counter to their power lust) were correct. None of this is about Muslims.

This is about using the Islamic faith to halt the foundations of the West from progressing and diminishing it wherever it can be found.

The good news is that there are those in Italy and elsewhere waking up the plot. May their fasting breed results.