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Republican Campaign Ad Outline’s Violence From Left

The violent mob mentality of the left is getting worse and worse. Even before Nancy Pelosi said if there was ‘collateral damage’ to anyone who didn’t toe the line of the democrat ideals, ‘so be it,’ democrats and hating leftists have committed countless assaults. Such Brown Shirt tactics cannot be allowed to continue or succeed.

GOP Rep Posts Video Of Migrants Being Paid To Join Caravan

“Women, only the women first,” the man says as he helps people join the ‘caravan.’ Why not just call it what it is… it’s an invading force, and is apparently a mercenary one! Matt Gaetz posted this twitter video last night, which shows some man giving the ‘women’ who join the caravan something that looks like money. Gaetz asked who’s funding it… Soros? And, demanded it was time to investigate.

Vulgar Anti-Cop Jerk Attacks 9/11 Widow, Husband Should “Rot In His Grave”

WARNING: DISGUSTING LANGUAGE. I assume this vulgar, offensive tirade was brought on by the fact that she was wearing patriotic clothes. This sort of hate-filled, verbal assault is what the left seems to be all about now… since they’ve lost, they keep on ratcheting up the violence, intolerance, and bigotry. Sick!