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Aging Nancy Pelosi Lost Her Place During Her First Speech As House Speaker

The 78-year-old Speaker of the House seemed to lose her place and admitted she “skipped a couple of pages” in her first speech as Speaker, but “wasn’t sure.” The dementia-like act has prompted renewed questions about whether the democrat has the mental strength to even carry out her duties. Moreover, her remarks about being ‘guided’ by the ‘values’ of the Founders adds credence to the fact that she may have a serious delusional tendencies, many people argue.

High School Choir Sparks Patriotic Fervor After Impromptu National Anthem Performance

On Saturday, at the Skyline Café, once the Mena High School Spotlight choir started to sing the national anthem, everyone put down their forks and rose to their feet. As the restaurant patrons stood, hands over hearts, the listened to the “beautiful” sound, recorded for a Facebook post that is quickly spreading. “I'm a Navy Veteran from Mena and it makes me really happy to know skyline cafe hasn't changed. I love this video. Thanks for sharing!” one wrote on Facebook.

Obama’s Unhinged Speeches Have Conservatives Rolling

Although the former president has been able to draw ‘scores’ of people to his little endorsements (as opposed to Trump’s hundreds of thousands), the media has shown that Obama is still their one and only. However, in these recent ‘fear-mongering’ speeches, the former leftist leader shows his complete and utter lack of connection with voters. Watch him sputter, go incoherent, and basically have a melt-down.

Convoy! Watch As Trump Wasn’t Kidding About Military Support For The Border

‘Ain’t she a beautiful sight!’… Watching the convoy of military equipment move to the Southern border is a great feeling for many people. Trump wasn’t just spouting rhetoric. He’s not like usual politicians who promise one thing but do the opposite. Mattis sent over 5,000 to the border, and by God, this invasion force will be turned back