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Democrat Rep Slips Envelope To Ford Lawyers In Hand Off

This is weird for a number of reasons. What was Jackson Lee doing at the hearing, she’s not a Senator? Why did she check around the room like they were making an illegal handoff? Why does it look like Lee has a second envelope ready to hand to the other Ford lawyer? Speculation is rampant.. but to take a page from the democrat book, if they have nothing to hide, why not allow the FBI to investigate?

Truth About ‘Beto’ O’Rourke

The information in this video is incredible. It’s amazing that democrats think that voters are too stupid to recognize criminal elitists. Ted Cruz, his opponent, it the polar opposite. Bryan Dey nails it! We know that O’Rouke did finally debate Cruz, and during the debate, he denied the police report that he was trying to leave the scene of his drunk driving accident.

Mattress Dispute Becomes Deadly After Bat-Holding Victim Screams ‘Dead Man’

Warning: graphic language and violence. The story from the victim’s common law wife is that the mattress was placed in a dumpster, but the neighbors removed it and put it back in the victim’s yard. This infuriated the mattress man, who got a bat and screamed he’d would kill the man and his son. The armed men fire and kill the mattress owner. Sketchy details do not offer any information on who owns the dumpster or any other background. If a man was screaming like this to a police officer, how would the media respond?

Durbin Democrat Illinois Rally Urges ‘Vote Often’

As reported by KMOV4, “Totsy Bailey, Local 439 Steamfitters/Pipefitters Union president, can be heard saying, ‘Vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with... I shouldn't say that, but, I don't care.’ When reached for comment, Bailey said he didn't have a comment about his words and hung up the phone abruptly. The video shows Bailey introducing a speaker at the Labor Rally in Caseyville. Two of the speakers were Illinois Gubernatorial candidate, J.B. Pritzker and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. Neither speaker addressed the comments made by Bailey, according to multiple sources.”