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‘I Warned You!’ Dad Knocks Out Creep Peeing On His Property

In a viral video, one man who was publically urinating on another’s property got what was coming to him. The owner, a father who was trying to go out with his family, told the trespasser, "The police are coming. You are on camera [...] you broke my property, you are in front of my children and my wife. Move on. I can't do this in front of my children.” The younger man lodges himself into his house gate which breaks. So, the dad states, "You're drunk man, take your guitar and get off my property.” After further entreaty, the dad takes him down! Now, officers are deciding whether there will be charges.

Republican Campaign Ad Outline’s Violence From Left

The violent mob mentality of the left is getting worse and worse. Even before Nancy Pelosi said if there was ‘collateral damage’ to anyone who didn’t toe the line of the democrat ideals, ‘so be it,’ democrats and hating leftists have committed countless assaults. Such Brown Shirt tactics cannot be allowed to continue or succeed.

GOP Rep Posts Video Of Migrants Being Paid To Join Caravan

“Women, only the women first,” the man says as he helps people join the ‘caravan.’ Why not just call it what it is… it’s an invading force, and is apparently a mercenary one! Matt Gaetz posted this twitter video last night, which shows some man giving the ‘women’ who join the caravan something that looks like money. Gaetz asked who’s funding it… Soros? And, demanded it was time to investigate.