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Alive! The Hope Of Everlasting Life Is Found In No Other Name

This is the Gospel. Jesus Christ came to earth, died a horrible death for my sin, but the grave could not hold him! He is alive! And, he is coming back for me. I looked for a video that was the best quality, and although there is some static, the powerful message of the Savior’s Resurrection still comes through in this anointed performance by Dolly Parton.

Already Deemed Hoax! Man Strolling Amid Notre Dame Flames Isn’t Firefighter

Who is this man? What is he doing there? These are the questions being asked on Twitter. The video was posted by TipsyPianoPlayer, who has railed against the idea that this could be one of the firefighters who frantically fought to save the ancient structure. The firefighters wore high-visibility suits, this mystery man looks as if he’s wearing some sort of ceremonial garb. Already, the mainstream media is crying hoax.

Dude Gets Epic Beat Down: All Bluster, No Fight

A man getting destroyed has gone viral on Twitter. In the video, the dude rips off his shirt in a posturing move that was apparently all show. Sure, it looks tough if you rip your shirt off and act crazy, but you better be able to back it up. Maybe the shirt ripper with the screaming girlfriend should take a few MMA classes before he pulls that crap again.