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Remembering D-Day And Sacrifice

On the anniversary of D-Day, we should not forget the sacrifice free men made to rid the world of tyrannical government that wanted to choose which citizens were acceptable, and which were not. This massive amphibious landing marked the day that mankind said ‘no more.’ America is still fighting the ideology behind despotic policy, but today, we honor the soldiers who gave everything on the Gold, Juno, Sword, Omaha, and Utah beach landings to save others.

Police Officers Teach Punks Lesson On How It Is

While trying to take on a police officer who had his buddy incapacitated, the big, bad boy started taking off his shirt in a display of bravado. But, he never saw what was coming next. From out of the screen, another officer flies in and does the take down. The video is filmed from what looks like a bus, while spectators enjoy the melee. Hopefully, these punks learned their lesson… but, they probably didn’t.

Idiot FBI Agent’s Dancing Spree Accidentally Shoots Club-Goer

The dancing-queen agent is showing off his moves when he accidentally drops his sidearm. What happens next is so bizarre it almost seems staged. He reaches down to grab his gun, but idiotically puts his finger on the trigger and tags a nearby night-lifer. He then shuffles away as if nothing went wrong. Police are investigating the incident, but there are a number of immediate questions. Like, why did he even have is weapon at a bar? That’s illegal in most states. And, what sort of idiot picks up his weapon with his finger on the trigger?!

Black Stanford Student ‘Escapes The Plantation’

Candace Owens has been a serious influence in society, and this video confirms it. At a Turning Point USA event yesterday, freshman Ernie Banks stood up and proudly declared his disgust with BLM, proclaiming, “I’m off the plantation, bro!” to a chorus of cheers and standing ovation. He explained the origins of the terror group, calling them ‘black face’ democrats. He added later that his quest for truth began in HS when he was falsely accused of assault, and white liberals “were very eager to demonize” him. His truth at this point is a powerful example of an awakening that liberals fear in their rotten core.

HBO Documentary Shows Ben Rhodes On Election Night, It’s As Bad As People Say

This is either the funniest or saddest thing you’ll see all day. The moment Ben Rhodes knows that President Trump has won ‘triggers’ all Hillary supporters. The real issue here is the fact that these people feel so strongly about a criminal, compulsive liar. Hillary Clinton’s plans for America were diabolical. America was offered a last chance for redemption during the election, and thankfully, we grabbed it. Sorry if that makes some deluded people sad.

Curiosity Saves Cat Clinging To Van At 60 MPH

“I mean how that cat held on at high speeds like that is amazing,” a viewer said. When fellow motorists looked at a van up ahead, they noticed an animal hanging on for dear life. It wasn’t a raccoon as originally thought, it was a cat. After notifying the driver of the van, they saw the vehicle slow down, but now the internet sensation has everyone, including the Nebraska Humane Society, wondering what happened to the fearless feline.