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Fundraiser In California Draws “Thousands and Thousands” Of Supporters To Motorcade

The number of supporters who cheered President trump’s motorcade as it traveled through California on the way to the Newport home of Oculus Rift co-founder Palmer Luckey for a fundraiser was stunning. And the number of people who participated in a rolling rally for the president indicates that California is definitely in play.

Black Trump Supporters Kicked Off Plane

Kris Anne Hall is the woman who recorded the video. She said later on her YouTube Channel that she works with the two men who got off the plane and the employee who escorted them off the plane apologized to them then booked them on the next flight. A black man wearing a “Trump 2020” mask was kicked off a Southwest Airlines after lowering the mask to eat a snack. The passenger — who was also sporting a “Black Voices for Trump” hat — is seen talking to a crew member while holding a bag of mixed nuts and wearing a face mask under his chin. “Tell us the policy that says he cannot eat with his mask off?” a woman filming the video can be heard asking in the footage shared by SV News. “It’s the hat and the mask — it’s not the eating.”