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Doorbell Camera Catches 5-Year-Old Doing Something Remarkable

Hope. This child has not been taught to hate America. This little boy has not been filled with disgust for a nation that offers freedom, in a Republic, for its citizens, and seeing his actions have filled many people with hope and joy and a belief that all is not lost to the socialist-haters who want to transform freedom into a Venezuelan horror.

Here’s All You Need To Know About ‘Activist’ Child Greta Thunberg

WARNING: Adult Language. Paul Watson delivers a scathing and accurate picture of the child ‘climate’ advocate, in his usual manner. He hits the nail on the head concerning the lecturing of a child who hasn’t developed the ability to make logical decisions yet, and her cult-like following. Of course, the left-wing propaganda machine is out in full force, singing the praises of this ‘successor to Jesus Christ.’ (Seriously, that’s what some people have said.)

Paul Joseph Watson: Real Reason For Mass Shootings

Paul Watson nailed it! These shootings are not because of Trump, they are solely and uniquely the product of a ‘progressive’ society that blames all young white men for every evil in the world, and promotes a distant, nihilistic existence that glamorizes brief fame. These two extremists were brainwashed weirdos, and while liberals rush to blame Trump, where are the people who are blaming Warren for the Ohio massacre?