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Biden Address Features Confusion: Mass. Gov. Mess Up And Teleprompter Fail

Joe Biden tried to attack President trump yesterday with his own ‘coronavirus briefing,’ but just ended up showing Americans yet again, that his cognitive ability is extremely suspect. The dementia was evident when Biden lost his train of thought—reading a teleprompter—and needed the help of staff, and when he confused the name of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, calling him “Charlie Parker.” Is this seriously the man any logically thinking person would want carrying out the rigorous demands of the presidency?

Biden: People Forced Out Of Work By My Climate Policies Must Be “Retrained”

The overwhelming arrogance and total lack of awareness Joe Biden demonstrates is reflective of his failing candidacy for the democrat primary. While discussing his climate change policies a.k.a. redistribution of wealth and poverty instituting practices), he explained that anyone who is put out of work by his plans will just have to go back to community college and be “retrained.”