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RNC Ad Demolishes Favorite Claim By Dems: “Scandal Free” Administration

The left loves to parrot the false belief that Obama chartered a “scandal free” administration… but that’s demonstrably deceitful. This RNC campaign ad showcases the vast number of illegal and questionable actions taken by the former regime, from Benghazi to the secret pallets of cash airlifted to Iran.

Bull In A China Shop: President’s Latest Reelection Ad Is Excellent

#OrangeManBad… Badass more like it! President Trump is not a smooth talking, election stealing, career politician, he’s a doer, who gets things done regardless of the obstacles he’s faced. And, as democrat cities erupt into carnage, chaos, looting, and evil, the president’s re-election campaign has released a new ad, showcasing the awesome job he’s done, despite the massive ‘resistance’ he’s had to deal with every moment of every day since his inauguration.

Alleged Floyd Video Shows Victim Explaining “Young Generation” Lost, As Riots And Looting Spread

You have to listen to this… all these mindless ‘protestors’ who are using George Floyd’s death as a reason to get a new TV need to hear this. The video allegedly features Floyd days before his death at the hands of Minneapolis police. “You’re going up, or you’re going down.”