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Liberal Attempts To Murder Citizens Exercising First Amendment

According to a witness, “A man in the red car stopped at the stoplight for the east bound turn onto Mayfair Rd. I was standing 5 feet from him on the corner of the turn. He refused to move and was verbally mixing it up with the protesters. He blocked the east bound turn traffic for about 7-10 minutes. That is when 3 or 4 MAGA protesters started to push on his car. Almost immediately he accelerated quickly and wildly into the turn—and hit one of the MAGA protesters on Mayfair Rd.”

Buffalo Business Demonstrates American Values: “Get A Warrant!”

Business owners in Buffalo, NY demanded that the Sheriff’s “health inspector” leave their private property, and the state goons were forced to comply. American citizens are waking up to the COVID lie, and are exercising their rights to defy the tyrannical orders that are designed to destroy lives and transfer wealth from individuals to mega-companies like Amazon.

Warning: Black Man Savagely Beats White Woman, Lights Car On Fire With Husband Inside

Warning: This video shows extreme violence in Chicago, and vulgar adult language, including the n-word. You can’t unify with vicious, violent, evil… and that’s what these animals are. Unconfirmed sources say this video records rival gang members, but why would Trump be a reason? Others are trying to verify if that audio part was included.