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Officer Stands Stoically Brave, Unmoved In Face Of Vulgar, Vile Insults

Waring: graphic images, adult (vulgar) language. This officer’s self-control in the face of ignorant hate is commendable and honorable. Many people point out that ill-educated, low-life degenerates like the people attacking him are the base portion of society, fueled by a criminal mindset and better off being removed from interaction with decent people.

Q13 News Crew “Targeted, Stalked, Harassed, And Assaulted” In “Peaceful” CHAZ

“Our crew was targeted, stalked, harassed, and assaulted. The level of vitriol from one member of the mob, who claimed she was a “social worker,” was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. When elected leaders lump this type of behavior into what they’re calling “peaceful,” not only is it a lie, but it’s deeply offensive to those who have been subjected to it. I hope this video is spread widely. Seattle needs to do better.”