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Antifa Rioter Throws Explosive Into Crowd

Make no mistake about it, these people are not ‘demonstrating’ against Fascism, they are the Fascists. They use violence to promote a political cause, making them terrorists. Like the KKK, they cover their faces and perform their evil deeds in secret. This is Portland, land where leftists rule, and consequently, there is no Peace. Liberals bring chaos and destruction… anyone who doesn’t recognize that truth is either stupid or deliberately thrilled by wickedness.

Trump Slams Heckler At Rally, Crowd Goes Wild

“Is that a man or a woman?” Great question President Trump, and excellent mockery of a clueless protester. These people refuse to respect the rights of others. They think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an evil person, but refuse to see their own hate-filled, bigoted actions. This masterful slamming of the unknown jerk is classic Trump.

Pelosi Live Feed Cut After Attendee Asks About Universal Healthcare

S.B. 562 would create a single payer healthcare system for California. What that means is that the government would control all the medical operations in the state… similar to the VA. And, everyone knows how efficient and upstanding that agency is… Pelosi didn’t want to answer that though. It’s better if this sort of freedom stripping action take place behind closed doors. She knows that form experience.