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Conservative Attacks Continue: School Bus Aide Caught Screaming, Attacking Teen For MAGA

A Martin County school bus aide is under investigation for yelling at a student then grabbing his MAGA hat off of his head for 'hat day' at school. The school does not have clear policies against wearing political attire, but apparently, that doesn’t stop this vile, abusive, attacker who thinks it’s okay to target children because of their beliefs.

Leftist Uses Fascist Tactics Against College Republican Group To Stop Free Speech

If you think that the number of attacks against conservatives will decrease, think again. In this video, we see a leftist who is both ignorant and abusive, which characterizes almost all liberals. Rather than allowing free assembly and speech, as provided in the Constitution, this idiot seems to think it’s his right to fight ‘hate speech.’ This is the American left.

Ignorant, Unintelligent Liberal Tries To Shut Down ‘Change My Mind’

Pity this deluded, ignorant child. Not only can he not form or speak a coherent thought, he has obviously been brainwashed extremely well. Many people recognize that the most rabid and intolerant liberals are those with the least intelligence. Perhaps that’s why they are so easy to indoctrinate? Either way, watching Crowder interact with this person is a lesson for all conservatives.

Charlie Kirk Discusses ‘Culture’ With Kavanaugh Protestors

Okay, this is one of the best examples of liberal idiocy that I’ve seen recently. While this woman screams ‘uncultured swine’ many people have recognized the hypocrisy. Head’s up screamer: if you are yelling at the top of your lungs and screaming profanity, that’s not a sign of ‘culture.’ Despite the fact that he stays calm and collected, these screeching harpies can’t face the truth.