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Shut Down! California Patriot Demands Respect For Trump, USA During CAIR Event

This happened back in February, but shows the sort of propaganda that is being disseminated by CAIR and other leftist groups that refuse to respect the United States, or the president. We the People reported: Council on American Islamic Relation CAIR California held a forum for candidates running for the 25th Congressional District. This is the district where disgraced former Congress Member Katie Hill recently resigned because of multiple sexual scandals. YOUNG TURK Cenk Uygur is one of the candidates and when he began to call President Trump a bigot for the "Muslim ban" Trump Supporters reacted verbally. Soon members of the audience interacted with candidates and sheriff deputies were called in and the meeting was shut down.

Students For Trump Accosted By Man Threatening To “Slash Throats”

The unhinged and truly deranged behavior demonstrated by radical leftists seems to increase in ferocity and lunacy. This man’s outburst and actions seem to indicate mental illness, given that he appears to be unable to control himself as he threatens to slash the throats of Republicans and President Trump.

Protestor Flips Trump Off, Crowd Erupts After Trump Goes Off In Classic Style

This is classic Trump and a delight to watch. When the “disgusting” protestor was being escorted away (after unfurling a pitiful banner), the person flipped off the president and the crowd. The vulgar hand gesture caused President Trump to respond. His scathing assessment of the protestor was spot on, and so was his description of the politically correct culture that has hampered law enforcement.