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Protestor Flips Trump Off, Crowd Erupts After Trump Goes Off In Classic Style

This is classic Trump and a delight to watch. When the “disgusting” protestor was being escorted away (after unfurling a pitiful banner), the person flipped off the president and the crowd. The vulgar hand gesture caused President Trump to respond. His scathing assessment of the protestor was spot on, and so was his description of the politically correct culture that has hampered law enforcement.

“That’s A Lie!” Dem Town Hall Erupts With Angry Voters

Hoping to explain her ‘reasons’ for voting to impeach the most successful president in recent history, Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin tried to speak louder than the voters who gathered at her town hall meeting screaming “that’s a lie!” These voters are furious over the prosecution of President Trump and for the articles of impeachment which claim a crime of ‘intention.’

Teen Protestor Smashes Egg In Politician’s Head, Lawmaker Slaps Back

The line between words and physical actions has long been destroyed by leftists who think it’s okay to -assault someone for what they ‘say.’ A 17-year-old protestor came up to Fraser Anning and smashed an egg in his face, and the Australian politician fought back, slapping the attacker. Security quickly piled on, but Anning was the one blamed for the attack on social media because of his remarks about Muslim migration.