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WWII Vet Steals Show At Trump VFW Speech

President Trump asked WWII veteran, Allen Jones, on stage to share a few words at the VFW speech. Jones totally stole the show. He told the story of his brother’s death during the fighting, and then turned to ask the President if he could bring his family to the White House next year for his 95th birthday. Of course, you know what Trump said. Then the men hugged in this heartwarming moment.

‘Wizz’ Airline Treated To Dose Of Selfie-Society As Woman Pees On Floor

Not only is this woman disgusting, and performed this action without compunction, this is the result of our social media controlled, selfie society. Everything is ‘me first’… ‘my’ feelings… ‘my’ needs over all. No matter that her unhygienic act was repulsive, everything must give way to her selfish desires! This is the society now. People no longer care about common decency, respect for others, etc. if it interferes with their personal wants.

Video Found: Schumer ‘Welcomes’ Putin To New York

The two-faced, hypocritical stance of this man is vomit worthy. Chuck Schumer trashed President Trump for meeting with Putin, and acted outraged over the fact that an ‘American President’ would be so calm and respectful to another world leader during a summit. Perhaps the rumors about Putin giving Trump USB drives of ‘corrupt’ politicians is true?

Disarmed New Yorker Attacked With Bats On Bronx Street

Warning: Violence. The two men seen in the video are responsible for the daylight attack of a man, using bats on June 17, while he was standing in front of a building. The bat-wielding thugs saw their target and went after him without fear. The suspects are at large, but this is apparently New York, where criminals use bats because they know that law citizens are disarmed. Sick and scary. What would have happened if a concealed carry holder had been nearby?

Trump Blasts Strzok ‘Disgrace’ To Country, Working For Obama

During this Hannity interview, the President accused Peter Strzok of working with Obama to destroy his campaign. Given the evidence and Lisa Page’s testimony, it looks like he absolutely correct. The President praised Page for her honesty during the closed door testimony, but said that Peter Strzok was a ‘disgrace to the country’ and the ‘FBI.’ As usual, President Trump is exactly right.