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Hot Dog Stand Beating Goes Viral As Man Turns Himself In

The Los Angeles Police Department says 30-year-old Arka Sangbarani Oroojian came in voluntarily and was booked for assault with a deadly weapon after a video of the Hot Dog stand clash went viral. The footage shows the man beating the women, but not the reason why. LAPD did not release any information on whether Oroojian was a U.S. citizen.

Mark Dice Slams Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez As ‘Dumbest’ Person Ever Elected

In a hilarious compilation of Ocasio-Cortez’s most memorable idiocies, Mark Dice highlights the true ignorance of a person who is actually participating in running the country. From her ‘three chambers’ of government whoopsie, to her claim that global warming is this generation’s “World War II,” the video hilariously shows that truly, AOC is the dumbest person ever elected to congress.

Old Man Teaches Jerk Biker Lesson In Manners

Warning: Vulgar language and violence. The snowflake on the bike is driving dangerously. He flips the old guy off, cuts him off, and almost loses control of the bike as he’s shouting and waving, but then something wonderful happens. He gets off the bike to confront the man, and the man punches him right in the face. In true snowflake fashion, he starts to leave complaining, but the man gets out of his car and proceeds to teach the punk a painful lesson.

Aging Nancy Pelosi Lost Her Place During Her First Speech As House Speaker

The 78-year-old Speaker of the House seemed to lose her place and admitted she “skipped a couple of pages” in her first speech as Speaker, but “wasn’t sure.” The dementia-like act has prompted renewed questions about whether the democrat has the mental strength to even carry out her duties. Moreover, her remarks about being ‘guided’ by the ‘values’ of the Founders adds credence to the fact that she may have a serious delusional tendencies, many people argue.