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Laura Loomer Blasts Comey At Book Signing, Escorted Out

Loomer stood wanted answers to a number of question including why President Trump wasn’t told that Hillary Clinton paid for the Fusion dossier, “Why didn’t you disclose to President Trump that his opposition paid for the dossier?” She finished up with a parting shot before security escorted her away from the delusional democrat meeting.

Parking Lot Dispute Erupts On Film, Woman Attacks Pregnant Soldier

The thug granny’s Facebook account has been inundated with comments about her behavior to America’s servicewomen after a Reddit user posted the video. LaKeycia Ward wrote, “This Gentleman & his mom was [sic] hostile about the two soldiers not waiting for them to reverse back into there handicap parking spot for her handicapped husband instead they went around and proceeded to park in there own separate parking spot. . So he then followed them inside the restaurant being verbally abusive calling them black lesbians shouting ” the military lets lesbians serve ? So at that point i start recording.” The woman was seen crying and lying about the action to the cops right before they arrested her.

Senator Scalise Blasts Facebook Founder For Anti-Conservative Algorithm

Zuckerberg tried to claim there was no “directive” to the recent changes, but Scalise cut him off. Since the new algorithm was implemented, there has been a 16-point disparity concerning the “bias against conservative news and content and a favorable bias towards liberal content.”

Senator Tillis Demands Zuckerberg Fire Staffer For Obama Campaign Stolen Election Data

“When you do your research on Cambridge Analytica, I would appreciate it if you would start back from the first high-profile national campaign that exploited Facebook data,” Tillis said. He’s absolutely right! In the entire circus, no democrat mentioned the Obama campaign’s use if harvested data from Facebook. Bottom line, they been selling everything they could, without telling users!