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‘Help Me!’: Bystanders, Security Guard Film Cop Fighting Suspect

Is this our selfie-society now? Davon Shavelle Miller was fighting with a Houston police officer while a uniformed female security guard just decided to film it, rather than help. Only one Texas man came to the officer’s aid against the armed robbery suspect, as several more people just sat back and filmed it. In fact, the only thing that seemed to be in one witnesses mind was the criminal as she told him not to worry, the cop wouldn’t hurt him because everyone was recording.

Man Shoots Neighbor Fatally Beating, Stabbing Toddler

Although he shot the man, sadly, the 16-month-old baby was killed. Dallas News reported, “the father, a man who police have not identified but said was in his late 20s or early 30s, was placed under arrest and taken to a hospital, where he was to be treated for the gunshot wound. He was expected to be booked into the Lewisville city jail Monday afternoon, but it was not immediately clear what charges he may face. Neighbor Eduardo Carranza said he rushed out of his apartment when he heard the gunshots.” He fired three shots and hit the father in the leg, then he filmed police as they took the father into custody.

Dad Dares Daughter To Knock MAGA Hat Off Stranger For $100

This is wrong on so many levels. First, watch this idiot’s glee and childish behavior. He looks like a teenager, and apparently, many democrats never mature beyond the age of 17. Second, do you see the complete and utter disrespect both this man and his daughter have for other people’s property. This is what liberals are teaching their kids… that depending on someone’s political belief, you have the right to invade their personal space and attack their property. What if the man had thought he was under violent attack and hit or harmed the girl?! All we would hear from the mainstream media would be MAGA man attacks kid.

Angry Citizen Launches Verbal, Foul-Mouthed Tirade Against NYPD Officers

Here’s an idea… when you tell an officer to get his daughter to come and ‘service you,’ and then he warns you about making a public disturbance, maybe it’s time to shut up. Christian Roman launched a verbal assault on the cops on Tuesday afternoon, after he was stopped and searched because he “matched the description of a suspect with a gun.” He told the NY Post, “I’ve been in trouble before. I’m a young kid, I make mistakes. I don’t got no felonies. I’m not no crazy person. I finished high school.”

Al Sharpton Messes Up Spelling ‘R-e-s-p-e-c-t’

Is this the best democrats have to offer? Sharpton has nothing else to complain about expect the President’s description of people who stab him in the back… and he can’t even spell his ‘friend’s’ anthem right? If he doesn’t like the word dog, how about the word hypocrite? Sharpton blasted the NY Times back in 2014 for reporting on his ‘unpaid taxes,’ but apparently, that’s all forgotten now in the unholy bent to tarnish the man who’s doing more for the black community that Sharpton ever has.

Newest Intellectual Froglegs Is Out, Blocked By YouTube Again

If you’ve seen an Intellectual Froglegs video, you know how amazingly hilarious and honest they are… if you haven’t, you are in for a treat. Joe Dan’s latest montage is a plethora of scathing commentary on Trump haters, the media, the witch hunt, and more. Of course, the truth here makes liberals extremely nervous, so YouTube has blocked him, yet again. ‘The Media That Cried Trump,’ is excellent!