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Shooting Witness Explains, “I Didn’t Have A Gun On Me, But I Wish I Did”

After the crazy, possibly leftist Vegan, Peta activist decided to kill other people, even this West Coaster wished he had a gun to defend himself. The right to bear arms is designed not only to protect the citizenry from an oppressive government who would enslave us, it is a fundamental aspect for delivering the “right to life” written in the Declaration of Independence. Who knows how many more unhinged liberals are lurking around?

Mainstream Media Lockstep Shows Same Script Broadcast Throughout The U.S.

Watch as these ‘trustworthy’ broadcasters deliver the exact same script about where YOU should get your news! This is insane! The people of the United States are being manipulated every night by leftist-approved content… down to their very expressions! And, by the way… we’re not a democracy!

Governor Teaches “Independent Consultant” Lesson On Guns

She’s calling him a hypocrite, but his answer is superb! America does not have a gun problem, it has a social problem. Bevin explains in detail exactly why shootings are on the rise among kids. During his masterful explanation, the consultant smirks and scoffs, demonstrating the fact that liberals have absolutely zero ability to consider facts rationally, or logically.