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Durbin Democrat Illinois Rally Urges ‘Vote Often’

As reported by KMOV4, “Totsy Bailey, Local 439 Steamfitters/Pipefitters Union president, can be heard saying, ‘Vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with... I shouldn't say that, but, I don't care.’ When reached for comment, Bailey said he didn't have a comment about his words and hung up the phone abruptly. The video shows Bailey introducing a speaker at the Labor Rally in Caseyville. Two of the speakers were Illinois Gubernatorial candidate, J.B. Pritzker and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. Neither speaker addressed the comments made by Bailey, according to multiple sources.”

#RunAway: Powerful Testimony By Obama Activist

“Lucretia Hughes and this is my #walkaway story.” Hughes’ message is powerful. She exposes the hypocrisy of the democrat party ‘not helping out the community,’ and how Obama was focused on ‘wrong.’ The hatred of the party, the style of leadership, and the vitriolic disgust was too much for this thinking woman.

83-Year-Old Man Kicks Three Armed ‘Cowards’ Out Of Bar

‘You can do nothing, or you can stand up to people like these!' Denis O'Connor explained after helping to beat armed robbers out of a Irish bar. This gentleman demonstrates how to actually stand up to injustice! After seeing the bartender grapple with an hammer-wielding punk, he steps up! He helps fight off the men and gives the final one a nice kick in the butt. The shop manager, Tim Murphy, told a local radio station that he heard O’Connor shout, “You’re cowards, you’re total cowards,” at the men.

Security Footage Captures Military-Armed Illegals Crossing Border

These aren’t ‘families,’ their armed intruders performing an invasion looking for more victims! The Daily Caller wrote, “Security camera footage from as recently as 2018 shows individuals in camouflage toting large backpacks and in some cases what appears to be military-style assault rifles walking through [Jim Chilton’s] ranch into the States incident free. They even attach the military-style assault rifles to horses.” No border security patrols the area, and there is no fence.

Body Cam Released Of Deputies Killing 61-Year-Old Man

Warning: Violence. A 61-year-old Colorado Springs man was shot to death after he pointed a gun at deputies during a traffic stop in August. In the video, it seems inexplicable that the man would pull the gun out. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released body cam films of the incident. The man in the rear passenger seat was asked to step out of the vehicle, but all of the sudden, points a hand gun at the deputies, the officers return fire immediately.