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Parkland Surveillance Footage Released

This is the video without any talking head telling you what to think. One very odd circumstance is the fact the Cruz apparently ‘hid’ himself among the other students during the evacuation? Regardless, the deputy is clearly seen getting away from the danger as fast as possible, riding around in a golf cart, and standing by while students were being killed inside.

Nashville Students’ Tear Down American Flag During ‘Walk Out’

These students show exactly how spoiled and ignorant the next generation is, and how easily they have been controlled by the liberal education system. These kids don’t care about guns! They care about being on TV, participating in a mob, and ditching class! Allowing them to dictate national policy is illogical and ridiculous… they know nothing!

Astros Prospect Cut After Being Caught On Video Beating Girlfriend

WARNING: Graphic images. This is the sort of entitled thug who thinks that because he can perform a physical task, it puts him above everyone else. Danry Vasquez’s actions here are brutal, arrogant and probably indicate that he is trying to compensate for sub-par prowess in ‘other areas’ of his life. This dirt bag is done!

SJWs Act Out After Speaker Says “Men Are Taller On Average Than Women”

These people live in a “rejection of reality.” These social justice ‘warriors’ were triggered by the facts of biology being presented. They went crazy after the panel stated a few differences, especially that men are taller and stronger than women. One sabotaged the sound system before being escorted off the premises… by a taller, stronger man.