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K9 ‘Shep’ Takes Down Suspected Car Thief

Warning: This is violent. Live Leak wrote that the body cam of Deputy Nick Carmack shows his perspective after he attempted a “traffic stop on a stolen vehicle…. Deputy Carmack deployed K9 Shep who quickly apprehended one of the individuals.” K9 Shep held the suspect by his bottom until Deputy Carmack could cuff him, ‘to ensure Deputy Carmack's safety and that the individual did not flee again.’ The suspect was checked out by a medical team and cleared, then processed.

Kavanaugh Explains Constitution To Dem. Cory Booker

Dem Rep. Booker tried to trick Kavanaugh and used ‘loyalty test’ and ‘neo-Nazis’ trigger words to try to imply that Kavanaugh is in Donald Trump’s pocket. Booker snidely claims Trump has told “lies,” and has been ‘credibly accused of being an unindicted conspirator,’ none of which has been proven, and totally ignores to complete and utter set up the FBI conducted. Get real, Spartacus… what about your lies yesterday? Why shouldn’t the Executive of the United States demand loyalty from his employees!?

Dem Senator Gets Confused By His Own ‘Stolen’ Email Accusation

Apparently, the email doesn’t exist. Judge Kavanaugh showed incredible patience with, what seems to be, Leahy’s own delusional ideas. It actually looks like Leahy is trying to trap and trick Kavanaugh, but only ends up confusing himself. From there, Grassley takes over and weighs in on the unfounded accusations. Basically, this was just pathetic… perhaps many of the dem dinosaurs should go extinct from congress.

Bishop ‘Apologizes’ For Inflammatory Actions

Firstly, this whole ‘memorial’ was inappropriate. It was simply a party for the leftist elite, and really had nothing to do with honoring the Queen of Soul. Grande’s dress seemed unsuitable for what was supposed to be a respectful gathering… and, it says a lot about the left’s so-called championship of women though since the poor girl was ogled by Clinton then felt up. Bishop Hill apologized for both the joke and the grope.