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Senator Scalise Blasts Facebook Founder For Anti-Conservative Algorithm

Zuckerberg tried to claim there was no “directive” to the recent changes, but Scalise cut him off. Since the new algorithm was implemented, there has been a 16-point disparity concerning the “bias against conservative news and content and a favorable bias towards liberal content.”

Senator Tillis Demands Zuckerberg Fire Staffer For Obama Campaign Stolen Election Data

“When you do your research on Cambridge Analytica, I would appreciate it if you would start back from the first high-profile national campaign that exploited Facebook data,” Tillis said. He’s absolutely right! In the entire circus, no democrat mentioned the Obama campaign’s use if harvested data from Facebook. Bottom line, they been selling everything they could, without telling users!

Senator Uses Facebook Founder’s Own Statement To Blast Left-Wing Propaganda

At the beginning of this hearing, and generally all through it, Senators were lobbing easy questions to Zuckerberg…. He was happily perched on his booster pillow and following the carefully scripted narrative of the left. Each ‘question’ seemed to distance Facebook from the scandal of selling and monitoring personal data. However, Ted Cruz shocked. He blasted the left-leaning platform with the truth, despite the founder’s double talk.

Pelosi Live Feed Cut After Attendee Asks About Universal Healthcare

S.B. 562 would create a single payer healthcare system for California. What that means is that the government would control all the medical operations in the state… similar to the VA. And, everyone knows how efficient and upstanding that agency is… Pelosi didn’t want to answer that though. It’s better if this sort of freedom stripping action take place behind closed doors. She knows that form experience.

Business Owner Tells President Trump Tax Cuts Not “Crumbs”

The disconnect among the vast majority of politicians is so great, that they have absolutely no idea how much money $1000 is to the average American. Terry Dodson,, the CEO of a West Virginia company, praised the president’s efforts to return the republic to the people through prosperity, and simultaneously destroyed Nancy Pelosi’s insulting “crumbs” comment.