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Angry Dad Blasts Principal For Allowing Sixth Graders To Walkout

“Who authorized these kids to go out of class!” The principal’s scrambling double talk is disgusting! This man is right. Since when do kids get to decide when they are class?! According to her, students have a “choice” to whether attend class? She repeatedly spewed the keep kids safe narrative, but he owned her when he explained that her job is not to keep kids safe, it’s to educate them!

“High Ranking People Had A Plot” To Cover Up For Clinton’s Illegal Acts

James Kallstrom outlines the massive corruption in the FBI and other departments. Kallstron explained the “rampant stupidity” and added, “but there's no question that [Comey], and McCabe and others in the FBI and the Justice Department [were involved]… and we're going to find out the state department and the national security adviser to the President and the deputy national security adviser and John Brennan [were also involved].”

Parkland Surveillance Footage Released

This is the video without any talking head telling you what to think. One very odd circumstance is the fact the Cruz apparently ‘hid’ himself among the other students during the evacuation? Regardless, the deputy is clearly seen getting away from the danger as fast as possible, riding around in a golf cart, and standing by while students were being killed inside.