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Trump Signs Faith-Based Initiative, Praises American Faith

“We praise God for the blessings of freedom.” During the White House ceremony, the President praised American faith and reported that he is taking action. He signed an executive order to create a faith-based initiative at the White House aimed at protecting religious liberty. The move is drawing sharp criticism from the left, who apparently think this is a free pass to discriminate. However, many people feel that hearing the leader of the United States say “nothing is more powerful than God,” is a welcome change. Trump’s remarks begin around the 210 minute mark.

Conservative Businessman Runs For Governor With “Jake” Campaign Ad

He’s pro-Second Amendment… as this hilarious ad demonstrates, and with three daughters, he has to be! Brian Kemp is running for governor in Georgia, and wants everyone to understand that he has a ‘healthy appreciation for the Second Amendment’… especially as it concerns his daughters.

Michelle Wolf Full Monologue

Not only was this not funny, it was filled with democrat dog whistles, insulting upstanding people with foul, Sulphur-breathing vitriol from the abyss. This bombed so bad that democrats are now disgusted… but many people wonder, are they angry over the content, or that their ideas were publicized. How many of the people in that room really agree with her vulgar comments? Does she actually think that Sarah Sanders would force the women to be assaulted? That’s exactly what she ‘joked’ about!

Democrat Leader Secretly Taped Pressuring Candidate To Withdraw

The entire conversation is hard to believe… well, not really considering the democrat method. The progressive candidate in Colorado taped the conversation with Rep. Steny Hoyer, the number two democrat in the House. It’s astonishing that Candidate Levi Tillemann had the guts to show the rigging that is taking place throughout the country. The DCCC knows better than you stupid liberal voters, and they will tell you who to elect by rigging the system!

Diamond and Silk Destroy Dem Rep In Congressional Testimony

These ladies totally control this hearing, but check out Rep Johnson’s self-absorbed, imagined superiority about how wonderful it was that congress lowered itself to hear these citizens of the United States of America! He is supposed to have sworn an oath to serve! He slurred, “I’m just astounded that this committee would STOOP to this level…” To what? The level of listening to concerned citizens who have legitimate grievances against a monopolizing, deceitful, society-changing media platform?? Or, is he implying that these woman are being paid? Congress exists at the will of the people… not the other way around.