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Biden Spokesman Slammed: “You Guys Are Taking Credit” For Trump Accomplishments

The AP's Matt Lee slammed Biden spokesman Ned Price for taking credit for the Trump administration’s Russia policy. Price said some 18 entities have engaged in “good faith efforts” to scale back their involvement in Nord Stream 2, acting as if it was Biden’s doing. Lee blasted that, “You guys have only been in office for a month, right? Are you telling me that in the last four weeks these 18 companies all of the sudden decided to say, ‘Oh my God! We better not doing anything with Nord Stream 2. You guys are taking credit for stuff the previous administration did. Yes or no?”

Attempted Murder In Brooklyn: What Was The Motive?

Ashanti Robinson, 46, is now facing assault, menacing and weapons possession charges for the vicious Wednesday attack, according to police. Video of the assault this evening shows Robinson repeatedly striking the 54-year-old bicyclist with his bat. The victim is still in critical condition, but thanks to democrats, Robinson will likely get off without punishment.