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Why The Electoral College Matters As Connecticut Destroys Constitution

The ignorance of the majority of people, and especially the liberals in Connecticut and the other few states, is hard to believe. When Civics classes were removed, so was intelligence. Without the electoral college provision, American would be a true democracy. However, people who study history know that democracy simply means mob rule. The move to abolish the electoral college is nothing more than another democrat attempt to control slaves. Prager U explains this with compelling, intelligent logic.

Joe Biden Says Detroit Females Are Women From The Hood

He’s talking about being ‘elitist!’ Not only does this one-minute clip hilariously show how idiotic Biden is, it highlights the extreme difference between career politicians and ‘ordinary people.’ For some reason, Joe is so detached from reality, he thinks all women in Detroit live “in the hood.” Can no one recognize the racism here? Then he acts like $50K is a giant amount of money and that he should be praised for helping train women to code! The arrogance is nauseating!

Police Chief Demands Suspension Of Hero, Body Cam ‘Takedown’ Footage Released

His supervisor claims he should be suspended for failing to ‘deescalate’ the violence. However, the footage clearly shows that he tackled the potential criminal in the least dangerous way… at least for anyone else. Wat would have been the outcry if these officers had allowed this man to hit someone with the stolen ax? Basically, in leftist-controlled Seattle, if an officer acts justly, or rightly, he or she can expect retaliation.

Elderly Woman Mugged After Bible Study

According to police, the elderly woman was leaving Lebanon Road Church of Christ when 48-year-old Gilbert D. Ostring Jr. lured her over with questions about local shelters. That’s when the released convict saw his chance to attack. He grabbed her purse and sent her sprawling on the pavement. Muggings like this are disturbing, but for someone to specifically prey on a lady leaving a House of God, he must be completely degenerate. The victim suffered broken bones and facial injuries. Police are asking for help locating the criminal.