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Rosenstein Question Draws Trump Disgust During Press Conference With South Korea Leader

Who else is sick and tired of this?! What other sitting US president was attacked by reporters like this during meetings with foreign leaders? None. The vitriolic hate for President Trump overrides the most basic human respect. “Do you have confidence in Rod Rosenstein?” he was asked. “Excuse me, I have the president of South Korea here, OK? He doesn’t want to hear these questions, if you don’t mind,” Trump scathingly replied.

Gina Haspel’s Historic Swear In As First Female CIA Director

The president is not racist, nor is he a chauvinist, he is a good man who recognizes talent and places competent people in the right places. This move with CIA director is historic, silencing the haters who claim various lies about Trump, and his coming to Langley to attend the swearing in ceremony was an honorable mark of respect.

Belgian Men Beaten After Drinking Alcohol On ‘Halal’ Terrace

The pair were ‘intoxicated’ according to the PC media reports, and brought alcohol to the Halal area terrace. Rather than simply throwing them out, a group of Muslim employees decided to teach them a lesson, using chairs and fists. In Belgium, apparently, sharia now controls the native citizens... using beatings and intimidation.

Police Called To Water Park After Massive Brawl Breaks Out

Lake Delton Police responded to the disturbance at Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin. The video footage, taken by various bystanders, shows a violent encounter with a number of people. Basically, two families came to blows after someone moved a chair in the food area. Is this what American society has degenerated into? People behaving like packs of animals over territory? Police are still investigating the incident.

Off-Duty Cop Mom Guns Down Robber Who Threatened Kids

This criminal was looking to rob the easy prey in Brazil, but he met fate when he chose the wrong group of ‘victims.’ The off-duty police mom didn’t hesitate to save her child or the others nearby. Without a weapon for self-defense, this situation would have been much worse. The hero was commended yesterday, on Mother’s Day, for her actions.