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Florida Dem Stunned By Russian ‘Election’ Remarks Being Recorded

Watch this scare tactic screed! Nelson spews his rhetoric, saying he ‘assumes’ the Russians will find a ‘swing county,’ go in and ‘alter some records,’ and ‘eliminate some of the voters.’ After he starts to roll with his wild speculations, he realizes his words are being recorded and is quite surprised. News flash for you Nelson, Mueller’s 12 indictments have already begun to fall apart.

‘Naked Cowboy’ Educates Australian Journalists About Trump

In a new, and hilarious video, Australian journalists asked New York’s ‘Naked Cowboy’ how he feels about President Donald Trump. The ensuing musical answer is laugh out loud funny. It seems odd to some people that apparently, the sanest man in New York City walks around nearly naked, strumming a guitar in Times Square, but it certainly seems accurate.

Cuomo Says ‘American Never Great’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed America "was never that great" during a speech on Wednesday, taking a cheap shot at the President, veterans and all of his supporters. Wasn't it great when American troops fought the leftist evil in WWII? Wasn't it great when American men and women fought to end slavery? Cuomo spouted the usual ‘women’s’ discrimination rhetoric, but failed to highlight the achievements of American women. In fact, he made it sound like we’re all still living under democrat historical rule that oppressed women and minorities… maybe he thinks we are?

Unedited Footage Of New Mexico Compound, Owners Furious By Poor Investigation

Gadi Schwartz obtained permission to video this compound from the rightly owner and there is some startling information here. The family was squatting there, starving the children, and ‘possibly’ training them to kill others. The terror links and connections to prominent democrats by the ‘related’ imam are just horrifying. Who knows how many more such squatters are out west?

DC Police Officer Attacked By ‘Counter Protestors’

When will the Justice Department declare these people what they are?! Christal Hayes took this video of mob violence used to control free speech. This group of ‘counter protesters’ (terrorists) attacked police officers, not because they are fighting racism… but because they are animals who love violence. They hope to control anyone who doesn’t believe the same thing they do, which is fascist. It’s time to start rounding up these masked KKK brethren and show them that liberty is not about suppressing free assembly with terror.

Break Dancer Knocked Out By Queen’s Guard

Is this real? Aren’t these guys supposed to be silent and still? Either way, the breakdancing dude doesn’t listen to a nearby warning. He continues to dance very closely to the guardsman, and gets taught a valuable lesson. The knock out was fast and efficient and then the guard quietly returned his bearskin hat to his head and resumed his position.