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Michelle Wolf Full Monologue

Not only was this not funny, it was filled with democrat dog whistles, insulting upstanding people with foul, Sulphur-breathing vitriol from the abyss. This bombed so bad that democrats are now disgusted… but many people wonder, are they angry over the content, or that their ideas were publicized. How many of the people in that room really agree with her vulgar comments? Does she actually think that Sarah Sanders would force the women to be assaulted? That’s exactly what she ‘joked’ about!

Mainstream Media Lockstep Shows Same Script Broadcast Throughout The U.S.

Watch as these ‘trustworthy’ broadcasters deliver the exact same script about where YOU should get your news! This is insane! The people of the United States are being manipulated every night by leftist-approved content… down to their very expressions! And, by the way… we’re not a democracy!