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Trump Nails It! WaPo Reporter Called “Total Faker” After Challenging Sunlight Suggestion

It is becoming more and more obvious, the “fake news” media is only attending these briefings in order to attack, belittle, and contradict President Trump. However, they simply aren’t used to having a real person in office who doesn’t cower under their threats and insinuations. In this clip, Trump blasts Phil Rucker for asking a ridiculous question. “I know you well. I know you well, because I know the guy. I see what he writes. He’s a total faker,” Trump added.

Math Is Hard… For Leftists: MSNBC ‘Money’ Discussion Ends In Fantasy Land

Seriously, you have to watch the ‘serious’ discussion the ‘trusted’ commentators are having about Bloomberg’s campaign waste and how he could have given a million dollars to every American. It seems as if the entire staff was either complicit here, or just plain stupid, because a lot of people had to be involved in producing this segment.

Pelosi Claims Impeachment Not About “Proof” But About “Allegations

Seriously. Does she think the American people are too stupid to understand what she’s saying here? Is she too stupid to recognize that she blurted out the truth? There is no proof of wrongdoing on the part of the president, but plenty of proof of Pelosi’s partisan hatred which has cheapened the process of impeachment based on pure fabricated lies. No wonder she doesn't concern herself with 'proof.'