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Border Wall Construction Begins In El Paso, Texas

The media doesn’t like to report on the fact that President Trump, although slowly, is getting the border wall accomplished… a little at a time. “The 18-foot-tall steel bollard wall will replace the chain link and metal fence as part of President Trump’s executive order last year authorizing construction of his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, the administration said.” Despite the fact that the most recent spending bill passed does not include more border funding, many people believe that this is at least a good beginning. Trump has until December to get the necessary republicans on board his plan, making the November election crucial for America’s safety.

Pelosi Scare Tactics Imply Trump Justices Racist

“If Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, Roe v. Wade, affordable health care, voting rights, common-sense gun violence prevention, freedoms of LGBTQ Americans, communities of colors and immigrants are all on the chopping block, just to name a few,” Pelosi said, adding, “And if he doesn't believe in stare decisis as established law, everything is on the table. Again, voting rights, civil rights, Brown v. the Board of Education. All right?” she said. All without proof.

Al Sharpton Messes Up Spelling ‘R-e-s-p-e-c-t’

Is this the best democrats have to offer? Sharpton has nothing else to complain about expect the President’s description of people who stab him in the back… and he can’t even spell his ‘friend’s’ anthem right? If he doesn’t like the word dog, how about the word hypocrite? Sharpton blasted the NY Times back in 2014 for reporting on his ‘unpaid taxes,’ but apparently, that’s all forgotten now in the unholy bent to tarnish the man who’s doing more for the black community that Sharpton ever has.

Cuomo Says ‘American Never Great’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed America "was never that great" during a speech on Wednesday, taking a cheap shot at the President, veterans and all of his supporters. Wasn't it great when American troops fought the leftist evil in WWII? Wasn't it great when American men and women fought to end slavery? Cuomo spouted the usual ‘women’s’ discrimination rhetoric, but failed to highlight the achievements of American women. In fact, he made it sound like we’re all still living under democrat historical rule that oppressed women and minorities… maybe he thinks we are?

Jaw-Dropping Exchange With Sanders Sends CNN Reporter Slamming Out

The press is the enemy! They aren’t doing their jobs… they’re crucifying a President who is actually building the nation! “The media has attacked me repeatedly… When I was hosted by the correspondence association you brought up a comedian to attack me. As far as I know I’m the first press secretary in the history of the United States that’s required Secret Service protection,” she continued. “The media continues to ratchet up the verbal assault against the president and everyone in this administration and certainly we have a role to play but the media has to role to play for the discourse in this country as well.”