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“The Jig Is Up!”: Trump Spanks CNN ‘Trick’ Question

Trump’s response is masterful. During this extremely important press conference, concerning US trade relations, a CNN ‘reporter’ decided that he would try to establish a fake news story. Trump did leave the G7 Summit early, but only because of his meeting in Singapore with North Korea. The president saw right through the bs, and took CNN to the woodshed for a whipping! He carefully explained that the ‘jig’ was up as far as countries taking the US to the cleaners. If they won’t deal with fair trade, then America will not deal with them!

Wife Of Deported Immigrant Shocks CNN, Doesn’t Blame Trump

She doesn’t blame the President for enforcing the law… imagine that. CNN tried it’s best to lead her into slamming Trump, but couldn’t get her to change her mind. Basically, all illegal immigrants must be returned to the country of their origin. There should be no debate about that. Her husband was ‘not a criminal,’ she claimed, but the fact remained that he was illegally in the United States. The only thing broken with immigration law is the fact that it hasn’t been enforced for decades.

Nancy Pelosi Press Conference Spurs Competency Questions

Calling for ‘raging’ teachers’ salaries, the press conference was a plethora of slurred words, misstatements and confusion. After laying low for a while, she obviously thought that coming out against republicans’ desire to ‘slash’ waste for the liberal-indoctrinating public school system, would be a good thing. Nancy, you should have thought again.

ICE Director Slams Congress Dem, ‘You’re Wrong’

Democratic California Rep. Nanette Barragan accused the agency of being ‘anti-immigrant,’ during congressional testimony. She said that immigrants were not ‘criminals,’ and calling them that was “offensive.” She ignorantly the country needs more “DACA-like people.” Thomas Homan disabused that notion in masterful style. “First of all no one on this panel is anti-immigrant,” Homan said. “We’re law enforcement officers enforcing laws that you all enacted. So to sit there and say we’re anti-immigrant is wrong. We are enforcing laws. If you think it’s okay to enter this country illegally, shouldn’t be arrested, that’s just wrong.” Worth waiting to the end!

Rosenstein Question Draws Trump Disgust During Press Conference With South Korea Leader

Who else is sick and tired of this?! What other sitting US president was attacked by reporters like this during meetings with foreign leaders? None. The vitriolic hate for President Trump overrides the most basic human respect. “Do you have confidence in Rod Rosenstein?” he was asked. “Excuse me, I have the president of South Korea here, OK? He doesn’t want to hear these questions, if you don’t mind,” Trump scathingly replied.

NRA Fires Back, Ad Features Sutherland Springs Hero

Stephen Willeford stopped the carnage using an AR-15. “Immediately, he came out of the church shooting at me,” the hero stated. “He hit the truck in front of me, he hit the car behind me, he hit the house behind me, and I hit him.” He added, “He had an AR-15, but so did I.” In a burst of logic Willeford said, “It’s not the gun, it’s the heart; it’s a matter of the heart. I’m not the bravest man in the world or anything, but I was here, I was here and I could do something. And I had to do something.” It is men like him who exemplify the crucial need for the Second Amendment.