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Trump Supporter Explains Why America Is Great Under Trump, Horrible Under Obama

He’s right! The job market is booming! The leftist media tries to hide the fact that American is prosperous, successful, and enthusiastic about the future for the first time in decades, but American workers like Tony Hughes know the truth. He “can’t keep up with the jobs now the Trump is in office.”

‘The Creep Line’ Trailer With Jordan Peterson

‘The Creepy Line’ is a documentary that demonstrates how google and facebook not only threaten your freedom, they have taken complete control of society. Definitely worth watching this trailer with Jordan Peterson…. and definitely worth watching the complete film. Show it to your liberal friends and family.

New Yorkers Thank President Trump For Doing What No One Else Would

“We had a Nazi living in Queens up until about 36 hours ago,” one Holocaust survivor said in a video posted by Democrat Rep. Dov Hikind. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents deported 95-year-old Jakiw Palij by wheelchair from his home in Queens, New York on Monday. The Nazi was sent back to Germany. These citizens are thrilled because President Trump actually did something, despite the fact that this man had been living in the U.S. for decades.

Muslim Shooting Compound Wrecked, Authorities Removed Some Evidence, Not All

This entire situation is bizarre! Not only has some of the evidence been removed, a bunch of stuff has been left behind, including writings and bulletproof vests. After getting the release of these suspected murderer terrorists by a democrat judge, this latest development seems suspicious. What are authorities trying to hide?

Florida Dem Stunned By Russian ‘Election’ Remarks Being Recorded

Watch this scare tactic screed! Nelson spews his rhetoric, saying he ‘assumes’ the Russians will find a ‘swing county,’ go in and ‘alter some records,’ and ‘eliminate some of the voters.’ After he starts to roll with his wild speculations, he realizes his words are being recorded and is quite surprised. News flash for you Nelson, Mueller’s 12 indictments have already begun to fall apart.

Unedited Footage Of New Mexico Compound, Owners Furious By Poor Investigation

Gadi Schwartz obtained permission to video this compound from the rightly owner and there is some startling information here. The family was squatting there, starving the children, and ‘possibly’ training them to kill others. The terror links and connections to prominent democrats by the ‘related’ imam are just horrifying. Who knows how many more such squatters are out west?