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Muslim Shooting Compound Wrecked, Authorities Removed Some Evidence, Not All

This entire situation is bizarre! Not only has some of the evidence been removed, a bunch of stuff has been left behind, including writings and bulletproof vests. After getting the release of these suspected murderer terrorists by a democrat judge, this latest development seems suspicious. What are authorities trying to hide?

Florida Dem Stunned By Russian ‘Election’ Remarks Being Recorded

Watch this scare tactic screed! Nelson spews his rhetoric, saying he ‘assumes’ the Russians will find a ‘swing county,’ go in and ‘alter some records,’ and ‘eliminate some of the voters.’ After he starts to roll with his wild speculations, he realizes his words are being recorded and is quite surprised. News flash for you Nelson, Mueller’s 12 indictments have already begun to fall apart.

Unedited Footage Of New Mexico Compound, Owners Furious By Poor Investigation

Gadi Schwartz obtained permission to video this compound from the rightly owner and there is some startling information here. The family was squatting there, starving the children, and ‘possibly’ training them to kill others. The terror links and connections to prominent democrats by the ‘related’ imam are just horrifying. Who knows how many more such squatters are out west?

Vietnam Vet Trashes Kneeling Democrat, ‘Get The Heck Out!’

Vietnam veteran Calvin Bunnell was sick of seeing his Connecticut democrat Melissa Schlag knelling during the pledge of allegiance, so he let her have it! This epic rant brought cheers as he told her if she didn’t like the flag, he’d help her pack her bags and get out of here! He explained that she was not only turning her back on the US, but also half the town, and as an elected representative, it was her duty to represent all the people. He’s absolutely right!

Democrat ‘Confused’: Doesn’t Know Illegal Aliens Broke The Law

She’s been in congress since 2013, but apparently knows nothing about the U.S. law. Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii, apparently doesn’t know that illegal aliens actually break the law when crossing the border illegally. Hirono said, “They have broken a law only as deemed so by the President with his…” but ICE official Matthew Albence corrected her ignorance. “No ma’am. They are there for violation of Title 8 of the US and Nationality Act. USC 1325. Illegal entry is both a criminal and a civil violation. They are in those FRCs (Family Residential Centers) pending the outcome of that civil immigration process. They have broken the law.”

Listen: Trump Tape Uproar Involves ‘Cash’ Or ‘Check’

There seems to be some question over whether the President said ‘cash’ or ‘check’… but the real issue is what are the deep state and leftist media really up to? They generally bring out a new ‘scandal’ whenever they want to divert attention. It seems obvious that Michael Cohen has been either coerced or ordered to turn on Trump. But, honestly, who cares? Who cares if Trump paid off a playboy model before he took office… it’s not like he was having an affair in the oval office. Liberals hate him with unholy determination because he cannot be bought and it is no longer business as usual for the destruction of America.