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“High Ranking People Had A Plot” To Cover Up For Clinton’s Illegal Acts

James Kallstrom outlines the massive corruption in the FBI and other departments. Kallstron explained the “rampant stupidity” and added, “but there's no question that [Comey], and McCabe and others in the FBI and the Justice Department [were involved]… and we're going to find out the state department and the national security adviser to the President and the deputy national security adviser and John Brennan [were also involved].”

Trump Explains Tillerson Sack, Comments On Russian Assassination

Trump explained he made the decision himself. He also fired a long term aide today. John McEntee wasn’t even allowed to collect his belongings as he was escorted off the grounds! The media has had a steady stream of information about Trump’s contention with Tillerson, were the moves related?

Massie Exposes Veteran Gun Confiscation In Stop School Violence Bill “Trojan Horse”

This bill is a Trojan Horse! It takes away a veteran’s right to own a firearm without due process. “Fix NICS” is supported by Feinstein and Schumer and it establishes a database of owners for confiscation. Massie is begging people to stop the GOP Leadership from this terrible action!