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Democrat Stands By ‘Taliban’ Comment, Claims ‘Context’

Kyrsten Sinema, a democrat candidate in Arizona, recently spoke about her ‘offhand comment’ saying it was ‘fine’ if Americans went and fought for the Taliban. Although she recently tried to explain it away, she did not actually recant that statement, merely saying “I think understanding the context in which that conversation occurred, I don’t know if you’ve had an opportunity to listen to the tape, and heard Mr. Hancock, who is, again, a very interesting fellow, it was a very difficult conversation. I was really struggling to be able to talk about what I wanted to speak about and so an offhand comment to get us back on track was what I did to try to talk about the issue.”

‘Rape’ Victim Explodes After Kavanaugh Facts Don’t Line Up With Her Emotions

At Texas Christian University, Steven Crowder asked a woman who ‘argued’ rape culture was real to change his mind. The woman ‘doesn’t want to look at empirical data,’ because ‘Statistics can’t tell you want happens.’ After pretending not to know who Brett Kavanaugh is, the woman totally embarrassed herself by eventually screaming, crying, and yelling incoherently when the facts didn't line up with her emotions.

Hawaii Dem Says Kavanaugh Does Not Have ‘Presumption Of Innocence’

Just listen to her spew these lies! Why don’t they stop her? Mazie Hirono is a bigoted, hate-monger. She sat there ‘grouping’ republicans as some sort of evil people because they want the truth. No questions about the shady, liberal network connecting all the accusers, and no questions about the four ‘witnesses’ who’ve denied the claims were asked. Hirono basically said that Kavanaugh doesn’t have the fundamental right to be presumed innocent!

Clinton Dem Operative Explains Strategy To ‘Defeat’ Kavanaugh In July

GOP War Room reported, “In July, Ricki Seidman – a Democratic operative, former Clinton White House official and current advisor to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – laid out a strategy to defeat the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.” The American Mirror wrote, “’Over the coming days and weeks,’ Seidman says in the recording that seems to have occurred shortly after Kavanaugh’s announcement, ‘there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee.’ She didn’t provide further details, but given the fact that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford ‘is being advised by’ Seidman, according to Politico, it’s not difficult to conclude the plot currently unfolding began months ago.”

#RunAway: Powerful Testimony By Obama Activist

“Lucretia Hughes and this is my #walkaway story.” Hughes’ message is powerful. She exposes the hypocrisy of the democrat party ‘not helping out the community,’ and how Obama was focused on ‘wrong.’ The hatred of the party, the style of leadership, and the vitriolic disgust was too much for this thinking woman.