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Fans At LSU v. Alabama Game Give CNN And Earful On Impeachment

What did they expect after the incredible enthusiasm the president was treated to? But apparently, CNN is so blinded by its own bias, it thought by carefully questioning certain fans they would hear at least some support for impeachment. But, they didn’t. This is just another prime example of the disconnect between media elites and democrats and real Americans.

“You Work For Me!” Homan Calls Out Dem Double Standard

This is a MUST watch if you want to be encouraged by someone actually fighting back over democrat lies. Jayapal loses her cool and begins screaming at the end when former ICE director Tom Homan delivers the scathing truth concerning democrat double standards under President Trump. Many Americans agree… we need more people like Homan who are willing to fight back! Democrats continue to manipulate, deflect the truth, and attack the president, it’s time to stand up to their nonsense.

Biden Bragged About Getting Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired To Protect Son

In 2016 Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin identified Hunter Biden as the recipient of over $3,000,000 from Burisma Holdings. The investigation surrounded massive corruption. But because Joe Biden wanted that corruption to remain hidden, he used US loan guarantees as extortion to get the prosecutor fired. And, he bragged about it.