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Bernie Breakdowns: No Idea How Much Gov. Healthcare Costs, But Union Benefits Gone

Bernie Sanders is still peddling his broken-down and idiotic vision for a socialist (communist) regime like Venezuela for the United States. But, in two videos, he clearly explains that 1) he has no idea how much government controlled healthcare (think VA with people dying on waiting lists) would cost, and 2) for sure such a plan would eliminate union benefits. Yeesh.

When it’s Trump, It’s Racist: Students Get A Shock

Of course, when these clueless and ignorant students think that President Trump said this about immigration, they claim it is racism. Imagine their surprise when they learn that the man they were taught to consider a new ‘messiah’ actually said it. Get a load of the one girl! She still says that Trump is the racist.

African American Booed For Arguing Against Reparations

This incident clearly demonstrates the racist mentality held by democrats today. They treated this articulate, individual like he was dirt beneath their feet… all because he had the temerity to deliver a profound speech against the reparations scheme that is both belittling and racist. Cohen (shamefully from TN) apparently meant to say "uppity"... because 'presumtive' actually means that the speaker was espousing views that were correct.

Bolton Can’t Stop Laughing At Dem Senator’s Ridiculous Ignorance

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. Democrat Senator Gillibrand, who is also one of the clueless 2020 hopefuls, spoke to a group of students and supporters railing against ‘tactile’ nuclear weapons. When John Bolton heard the comments on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program, he burst out laughing. He was cracking up over it. In the video of her comments, at least on kid can be seen smirking, but other than that, the room of liberals appears utterly clueless.

Giuliani Explains ‘Criminal’ Evidence Coming Against Deep State Colluders

On Saturday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s Justice, Rudy Giuliani said that “criminal” evidence against the Obama DOJ and FBI would be exposed within the next six months. While emphasizing that it was not the rank and file officers in the FBI who were guilty of the coup, he said that McCabe and others top politicians would be facing criminal charges.