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Pelosi Won’t Attend Playoff Because She Claims She Must “Save Our Country”

In what appears to be egotistical and insane, Nancy Pelosi barked at reporters that she won’t be attending the playoff game this weekend because it’s her job to “save our country from peril,” namely, the ‘peril’ of a president who is leading the strongest economy in decades, removing known terrorist threats, and generally making America Great Again, like he promised. So, essentially, she thinks she must save America from prosperity and peace.

Dem Who Rejected Party Told To “Obey” In Impeachment Vote

VAN DREW: “Let me tell that story really quickly actually it’s important. So I was speaking to one of the county, I have eight counties in my district, and I was speaking to one of the county chairs and as I spoke to that chair, he said, I just want to tell you something that you absolutely are going to vote for impeachment and I said no, I’m not, I think that this is a very weak impeachment. I think it’s wasted millions of dollars, hours of time, has not been productive, has split the country apart, has caused a fractioning of the country and literally has caused civil unrest in a sense and he said, ‘well I’m telling you if you want to run in this county, you’re gonna have to vote for it, you’re gonna have to obey’ and the bottom line was that was the final point. There were all of these other issues and I could tell you what some of the other issues were where I believed differently but I kind of went along, but that issue really, the fact that, you almost talked quid pro quo so because I’m gonna vote in a way I don’t want to vote you’re gonna force me and then allow me to run. That’s not what America is about, that’s not what our election system should be about.”