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Paul Joseph Watson Nails it: Left Doesn’t Care About Children, Just Border

Warning: Language. In his customary, no-holds barred fashion, Watson nails the fact that this child migrant ‘crisis’ is a complete and total deception, designed but the left to push the dearly-loved agenda concerning illegal aliens and the ultimate destruction of liberty. His bald recitation of the facts show just how diabolical this fabricated situation is, and how the liberal media is part of the plan. We now know that the ‘child crying’ story, featured on the cover of Time Magazine is completely bogus. She was never taken from her mother by Border agents, but she was kidnapped by her mother who paid a coyote $6,000.

Trump Slams Heckler At Rally, Crowd Goes Wild

“Is that a man or a woman?” Great question President Trump, and excellent mockery of a clueless protester. These people refuse to respect the rights of others. They think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is an evil person, but refuse to see their own hate-filled, bigoted actions. This masterful slamming of the unknown jerk is classic Trump.

Two-Face Hillary’s Stance On Illegal Alien Children When Trying To Get Votes

This woman… how dare she use the Bible to blast Trump for doing his job? She is a consummate liar. She can’t open her mouth without spewing falsehood. Here she is trying to get support for her presidential run in 2014, trashing Obama’s child detention camps, advocating for ‘border security,’ and promising to ‘send them back.’ Of course, now that Donald Trump is actually DOING those things, rather than just talking, she’s changed her position.

Senator Graham Blasts Horowitz And Wray In Congressional Testimony

“This is not normal.” Lindsey Graham questioned IG Horowitz on Strzok’s texts about stopping President Trump and discussing Andrew McCabe, telling the IG he ‘wasn’t buying it.’ Graham is right… none of the activity here regarding the Clinton email investigation is normal and it showed plenty of bias! Horowitz does admit that he was ‘very concerned’ with the texts and emails. Strzok and FBI officials didn’t hold Clinton liable because that was how they planned to stop Donald Trump from winning.

You Decide: Moscow Claims Driver ‘Asleep,’ Not Deliberate Terror Attack

It’s easy to see this taxi veering onto the crowded sidewalk to take out pedestrians. Officials have released an interrogation video of the man claiming he hadn’t slept in 20 hours, he wasn’t drunk, and he ran away because he was afraid of vigilante justice from bystanders. Despite the people who were hospitalized, all of the reports claim that this wasn’t a radical terrorist attack, but are they telling the truth?

Biden Asked About C-Span Behavior

We’ve all seen the footage: Creepy ‘Uncle’ Joe Biden acting, at minimum, like a weirdo, and at worst, like a predator freak who can’t stop trying to grope children. But, until now, no one has called him out about it. That changed recently when at a speaking engagement, Biden was asked about the “girls he molested” during the C-Span swearing in. Brainwashed liberal zombies make his response too difficult to hear, but at least PGHowie2 had the guts to call him on it.