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Newest Intellectual Froglegs Is Out, Blocked By YouTube Again

If you’ve seen an Intellectual Froglegs video, you know how amazingly hilarious and honest they are… if you haven’t, you are in for a treat. Joe Dan’s latest montage is a plethora of scathing commentary on Trump haters, the media, the witch hunt, and more. Of course, the truth here makes liberals extremely nervous, so YouTube has blocked him, yet again. ‘The Media That Cried Trump,’ is excellent!

Muslim Shooting Compound Wrecked, Authorities Removed Some Evidence, Not All

This entire situation is bizarre! Not only has some of the evidence been removed, a bunch of stuff has been left behind, including writings and bulletproof vests. After getting the release of these suspected murderer terrorists by a democrat judge, this latest development seems suspicious. What are authorities trying to hide?

Intense ‘Fire Tornado’ Captured On Video That Killed Firefighter

“Mayday!” Redding fire inspector Jeremiah Stoke lost his life battling the Carr blaze in a rare fire tornado. Stoke was killed during 110 minutes of unprecedented fire behavior and one of the deadliest so far in California. Some fire crews managed to escape the vicious elements, and accounts of their miraculous getaways have been released. Why are these fires becoming more frequent and deadly? This sort of deadly combination is quickly becoming the norm.

Florida Dem Stunned By Russian ‘Election’ Remarks Being Recorded

Watch this scare tactic screed! Nelson spews his rhetoric, saying he ‘assumes’ the Russians will find a ‘swing county,’ go in and ‘alter some records,’ and ‘eliminate some of the voters.’ After he starts to roll with his wild speculations, he realizes his words are being recorded and is quite surprised. News flash for you Nelson, Mueller’s 12 indictments have already begun to fall apart.

‘Naked Cowboy’ Educates Australian Journalists About Trump

In a new, and hilarious video, Australian journalists asked New York’s ‘Naked Cowboy’ how he feels about President Donald Trump. The ensuing musical answer is laugh out loud funny. It seems odd to some people that apparently, the sanest man in New York City walks around nearly naked, strumming a guitar in Times Square, but it certainly seems accurate.

Cuomo Says ‘American Never Great’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed America "was never that great" during a speech on Wednesday, taking a cheap shot at the President, veterans and all of his supporters. Wasn't it great when American troops fought the leftist evil in WWII? Wasn't it great when American men and women fought to end slavery? Cuomo spouted the usual ‘women’s’ discrimination rhetoric, but failed to highlight the achievements of American women. In fact, he made it sound like we’re all still living under democrat historical rule that oppressed women and minorities… maybe he thinks we are?