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Unpopular Joe: Biden Videos Have So Many Dislikes, YouTube “Unlists” Them

Joe Biden's inauguration video is so unpopular that it is now "unlisted" on the White House's YouTube account. In fact, all 7 videos posted to the official White House YouTube account have received more dislikes than likes, with today’s inauguration video receiving 2.1K likes versus 16K dislikes. Others have reported that the disikes have mysteriously dropped ina Dominion-type exchange.

Parade For The People’s President: More People Showed Up For Trump Than The Inauguration Parade

Okay, the Biden parade was creepy… nary a soul standing on the side of the road to watch the ‘most popular’ president ever? The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that Trump’s supporters had been lining up for hours along Southern Boulevard between Palm Beach Airport and Trump’s resort to wish him well.