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Trump Calls Trudeau Two-Faced After ‘Mocking’ Video Surfaces

President Trump responded to a video that surfaced during the NATO summit, showing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron laughing about him. He called Trudeau “two-faced,” and given the recent black-face scandal that almost cost Trudeau his election, that criticism seems mild. It’s like these globalist leaders have no sense… getting on President Trump’s bad side is not a good idea.

Schiff Denies Knowing Whistleblower’s Identity

Believe it or not, during testimony yesterday, Adam Schiff claimed that he doesn’t know the whistleblower’s identity. Seriously. When Jim Jordan stated that Schiff was the “only member” to know who the so-called whistleblower is, Schiff claimed, “I do not know the identity of the whistleblower, and I’m going to make sure that identity is protected.”

Fans At LSU v. Alabama Game Give CNN And Earful On Impeachment

What did they expect after the incredible enthusiasm the president was treated to? But apparently, CNN is so blinded by its own bias, it thought by carefully questioning certain fans they would hear at least some support for impeachment. But, they didn’t. This is just another prime example of the disconnect between media elites and democrats and real Americans.

Nationals Catcher Dons MAGA Hat During White House Visit

Kurt Suzuki, the catcher of the World Series Champion Washington Nationals, donned a MAGA hat and received a hug from President Trump during the team’s White House visit celebrating the historic win yesterday. His embracing of the president naturally infuriated fans who can’t decide if they love their team or hate the president more.