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Social Media Erupts After Dershowitz Claims Gov. Has The Right To Force A Needle In Your Arm

Many experts disagree with this highly inflammatory rhetoric, arguing that NO, the government does not have the right (like the socialist Nazis) to forcibly inject you with a COVID vaccine. Dershowitz claimed, “Police power of the state is very considerable,” which God-forbid, seems to be accurate and is one of the reasons why the 2020 election is so crucial for the retention of the meager rights Americans still possess.

Florida Governor Rips Media For Biased Coverage And False Predictions

DeSantis delivered a savage response to the biased media during an impromptu press conference with Vice President Mike Pence, blasting them for their lies and omissions concerning the success Florida has had compared to New York and other democrat controlled areas of the United States. In fact, his response was very like President Trump.