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Clueless Protestors Can’t Answer A Single Question

A complete, embarrassing lack of intelligence with no ability for logical thought characterizes these clueless protestors. They can’t answer a single question… and when presented with FACTS about President Trump, revert to responses like ‘brainwashed, Hitler.’ After being asked to point on one single instance of President Trump so-called racism… these liberals get defensive.

Clinton Spotting On Commercial Flight Give Rise To Rumor

What is this? A ruse to show the peasants that’s she’s not the elitist, lying, traitorous scum bag we know she is? This woman’s money-grubbing ways—from renting out the Lincoln bedroom to selling one-fifth of America’s uranium—are notorious! So why is she flying commercial? Seeing her shuffle through with the rest of the ‘deplorables’ may be amusing, but make no mistake, there is a reason she’s travelling like the rest of us serfs… and it is probably diabolical.