Cat Blackout

PUBLISHED: 6:05 PM 18 Sep 2018

Cat Enters Substation And 7,500 Pay The Price

Workers do what they can prevent this, but when it happens, the critter doesn't make it out alive.

WARNING: Some details in this story may be disturbing to certain readers. 

An unfortunate and over curious feline used the last of its supposed nine lives creating a blackout that affected more than 7,500 people in New Orleans, Louisiana. While some people talk about going out in a blaze of glory or in a flash brilliant light, this kitty cat really experienced it and paid the ultimate price for doing so, as WTOP News reported today.

Entergy New Orleans had a cat roam unknowingly into a power substation and it got powerfully zapped and jolted when it “came into contact with electrical equipment.” This resulted in a massive blackout that left a plethora of people without juice for about half a day. This could be called a “cat astrophe,” a snafu quite unlike any other.

According to posts on social media, the accident happened on Monday morning at around 8:30 a.m. and it took until “midday” to get everything back into working order.

Not only were neighbors affected, but so was much of the “city’s central business district.” It is not easy for animals to get into this area and it is no one’s desire that any critters end up fricasseed, but sadly, it happens.

Many people who live in wooded areas know that squirrels are similar culprits of black outs, but typically, the impacted number of people is much less.

Thankfully, it can not be imagined that the cat suffered for more than mere milliseconds and hopefully there is a way to prevent this from taking place beyond what is already established. Not only is is mournfully sad to hear about, but clearly, it is quite costly when such a mishap occurs, too.

Considering that a great many people are without power due to the dreadful hurricane that washed over the lower U.S., the cat problem seems minor to most.

Many of those who have heard about this story have hoped that this cat wasn’t a person’s beloved pet, that if it was doomed to perish, they are hoping that the kitty was a stray.

Either way, it would have been much better off had it strayed elsewhere.