PUBLISHED: 8:59 PM 20 Apr 2017

Carlson Stuns Socialist Professor On Air, Leaves Her Speechless & Stuttering After Her Comment


Tucker Carlson gets a lib to admit what they really want live on air.

Everyone wants the rich to pay their fair share. Not everyone is as dense and blind to law as news host Rachael Maddow is, someone who wants to see tax returns that are under audit, but we seek fairness. Most on the right tend to think that the very top don’t pay enough taxes, even though the idea of the I.R.S. is”legal” in the broadest sense of the term only. Some towards the middle and the “soft left” are in favor of higher taxes than what most would call “fair,” but now it seems that the true believers think that 80% of a rich person’s wealth is fair to take!

Fox News’ Host Tucker Carlson had Caroline Heldman on his show. She is someone who the Gateway Pundit correctly calledan ultra-leftwing professor,” as she suggested that the 1% should only keep 20% of their wealth for themselves. While the richest of the rich certainly do need to pay more in taxes (if we must keep this awful tax code that we have now), to imply that taking 80% of someone’s legally obtained capital is almost as severe as saying that they should have nothing at all. Like them or not, many rich people have employed millions and helped many others become rich. Making sure that they pay their fair share and are not able to shelter it would be wonderful. Stealing 80% of their wealth is the same kind of greed that the left claims to detest.

Carlson told the guest that she should pay 70% of her pay to the government and even informed her of where she could send the payment to. She argues that she is not part of the 1% and says, “Well that’s the argument I’m making right now. That’s it’s not about working class Americans or people like me who are upper-income Americans, um it’s really about the wealthiest top 1% now–I pay about 30%.” Now what is striking here is she is not appalled in the least by the fact that 30% of her earnings goes to Big Brother. She is blind to the fact that if, to use a random analogy, 5% of her income is for healthcare. By the time the federal government is done, less than 1% will help anyone. Had taxes been a state issue, 3% can be guessed to have made it, and if a private group, 4% or higher.

Democrats and socialists somehow don’t understand that giving 5% of their income (staying with the random number) to a place like St. Jude directly – they treat children for free – would go a lot further dollar for dollar than giving it Uncle Sam who is going to pay federal wages to 50 people before it gets to the poor, sickly, or needy. Even those who seem to have truly big hearts, like Bernie Sanders, miss this very vital point. This is why healthcare quality died under Obamacare while prices went higher than Obama’s trade deficit.

When Carlson continues with “Why not pay 70%? I don’t understand. Like what’s holding you back?,” she replied with, “You know what’s holding me back? If if if I knew how to do that um I would have no issue doing that, but the tax code is totally convoluted.” This she achieved only after much stuttering and “him-hawing” around trying to find words. At this point, she was so ill-prepared for a simple question that she admitted that seeing only 30% of her income would be fine if the system was “convoluted.” To leftists, there is some magical way that, if done right, leads to having 70% of a college professor’s salary taken by the federal government. This is almost too bizarre to have actually been admitted. This is who is teaching the future leaders of America, isn’t it grand?

Tucker Carlson closes by saying, “No no no let me simplify it for you. Just write a check. Pay your taxes. Just figure it out. You pay 30%? Then just figure out the other 40% and write a check to the U.S. Treasury.” As expected, Twitter exploded with due mockery for the professor yet in the laughter, a few facts are going to be missed if we are careful. We have someone who is teaching college level classes who thinks that the federal government should be allowed to steal almost all of the money that we earn and use it as they see fit.


Carlson (pictured left) laughs at the insanity of liberal desires exposed.

Strangely enough, modern liberalism was built upon the Vietnam War era protests and yet somehow it is “OK” to the new lefties to trust the federal government with enough money to start and conduct any way imaginable. So many on the left act as if this vast amount was given to the government that no matter which party got in office, all of this money would just flow right back to the people. Healthcare, sex changes, and free food filet mignon for everyone. The trouble is that there is no instance in American (or any other) of this happening.

Communism works wonders for small groups. The left loves to talk about Jesus Christ and the thousands that followed him and his apostles. The love to talk about charities and churches and food pantries and hippie communes. All of that works if done well and if everyone wants to be in it. It DOES NOT work on a massive federal scale at all. Once that much money gets into a powerful government, things get very bad very quickly. Wars are started, money is misspent, and no one is bettered at all. The early church may have been as giving as California Governor Jerry Brown stated last month, but Rome was dreadful, and that is what big government in action.


Tax facts from 2014 – the most recent year available in total.

Now that we have Democrats admitting just what they would be in favor of, is will be interesting to see if a dumbed down nation such as America can do enough simple math to be able to calculate how bad they really are. Republican’s are greedy? Libertarian’s are cold? Perhaps, but at least the are not trying the vast MAJORITY of the worker’s incomes.