Migrant Mob Violence

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 31 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 6:04 PM 31 Oct 2018

Caravan Violence: Invaders Shoot At Police, Set Fire To Immigration Checkpoint

The violence is ratcheting up as firearms, firebombs and rocks are being used by the caravan .

An immigration checkpoint facility was set on fire and police were shot at as the migrant invasion force becomes more violent.

The migrant caravan, heading to the U.S., is becoming more and more violent. Not content with the offer of food and asylum provided by Mexico, military age men in the group are causing carnage.

One immigration facility was set ablaze after the 21 men, five women, and three children, who were in the process of being deported, set fire to their mattresses to cover their escape.

In a separate incident a few hours before, two Hondurans allegedly shot at federal police officers who were escorting the group of invaders across the state of Chiapas.

The attack followed government warnings about Molotov cocktail assaults linked to a second caravan near the border with Guatemala.

As part of “Operativo Caminante” or “Operation Walker,” Mexico’s Interior Secretariat explained that 22-year-old “Jerson” and 17-year-old “Carlos” saw the officers guarding the group of trespassers and decided to open fire.

Fortunately, the invaders were rather idiotic and couldn’t correct it when their .380 caliber Glock jammed. No Mexico police were injured and they recovered the weapon with nine rounds chambered.

Over the past few days and weeks, the group has become more emboldened. The invaders have used makeshift weapons, rocks, and other violence against security forces.

The group has vowed to enter the United States, and basically make rich Americans give them free homes, food, and jobs.

However, President Trump has ordered the deployment of over 5,000 active duty military personnel to the border to assist the already 2,000 National Guardsman there since the last invasion.

Many voters are sick of being told that United States law doesn’t matter, and anyone with a large enough invasion force must be accepted in the country.

The UN Refugee Agency ordered the president to accept these ‘asylum seekers,’ but a large number of people in the group have already been deported and are not eligible. There are also indications that criminal MS-13 members are included.

Fortunately, “firefighters responded to the scene while Mexican Federal Police officers detained the alleged runaways and moved them to a large immigration facility in Tapachula, Chiapas.”

The shooters have also been arrested and detained.

However, there is no denying the fact that the violence is increasing.