Vehicle Rams Security Barrier Outside White House

PUBLISHED: 9:05 PM 23 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 9:30 PM 23 Feb 2018

Car Rams Security Barrier At White House

A woman tried to ram her vehicle through a security barrier outside of White House.

Car rams White House security barrier.

The Secret Service reported that a woman breached the front gate and smashed her car into a security barrier outside of the White House.

The incident took place Friday afternoon, and authorities have reported the woman driving the vehicle likely had mental issues.

She was immediately arrested and taken into custody.

Some outlets have reported the woman has been known to the Secret Service for displaying suspicious behavior outside of the White House in recent days.

Federal authorities have reported no injuries were involved, and that they were able to successfully prevent the deranged suspect from breaching their security barriers.

The Secret Service Twitter account reported the white minivan slammed into a barrier at the corner of 17th Street NW and E Street NW, in D.C.

MSNBC uploaded video footage of the minivan with the back window busted out, which likely occurred when she crashed into the security barrier.

After the female driver slammed her vehicle into the barrier, authorities immediately apprehended the suspect after a brief confrontation.

No Secret Service or other federal officials were injured during the dangerous incident.

Below are a series of tweets from the Secret Service, offering a handful of brief updates into the situation as it upfolded.

The White House is currently on lock down as President Donald Trump is hosting Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull is reportedly staying at the White House until the incident is investigated and deemed safe by federal officials.

Officers reportedly responded to a suspicious vehicle near the White House two days prior to Friday’s possible attack, but no arrests were made.

The nearby New Executive Office Building was briefly evacuated after the car rammed into the barrier given it’s close proximity to where the incident occurred.

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Source: Daily Caller