Frostbitten Toe Drink

PUBLISHED: 8:51 PM 12 Apr 2018

Canadian Bar Offers Up Unique Drink With Frostbitten Ingredient

They have been serving this since the 1920s.

This image may make some patrons of a certain Canadian establishment quite thirsty.

While enjoyed greatly by those who like the topping, anchovies are pretty much the most universally hated topping to appear as an option on menu lists. There are not many people who savor salty, thin fish on their pizza pies. Well, the Guardian has just published a story that may have found the least popular addition to any cocktail: a human toe!

The “sourtoe cocktail” is a “stiff” drink served up at the Sourdough Saloon in Yukon territory of Canada. A man from the United Kingdom is even donating “three frostbitten body parts to the cause” as one of the strangest concoctions ever made fills tumblers.

Mummified toes” are added to what is usually whiskey and the Saloon in Dawson City creates them whenever the ingredients are ripe. In Canada, while most would assume that the foot-based cocktail would send people fleeing to any other drinking establishment (preferably ones not serving toes), the bar finds that the drink attracts patrons.

Frostbite is common in the frozen area where this drink is popular. During the roaring ’20’s, two minors named Otto and Louie Liken used to run rum in the region and while being “pursued by mounties,” and one of the brothers got frostbite on his toe. Many people are said to argue about which one suffered the fate, but the fact that it happened to one of them seems solid enough.

To stop gangrene from setting in, it is said that the non-frostbitten brother either “hacked” or “shot” the toe off of his sibling. The toe was kept as if it were a “trophy” in the sack that they hauled around with them and half a century later, it was found “by an entrepreneur.”

As unsettling as it sounds, in 1973, the Star says that he created a “drinking ritual” which was made to prove that one is a “true Yukoner.” The rules of the ritual even rhyme and proclaim, “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but the lips must touch the toe.

If those rules are followed, the drinker gets a certificate which to date, 100,000 have earned.

The original toe is no longer still used. Why, one might ask? Well, it turns out that a man tried to “beat the sourtoe record” and swallowed the digit on purpose! The man had consumed no less than 13 of the odd brews and simply tipped it back, the Atlas Obscurer has written.

Seven toes have been used over the years since and they sometimes get stolen or somehow lost “along the way.” Finding new toes can be a challenge.

Coming to the aid, though, is 46-year-old former Marine Commando, Briton Nick Griffiths. This man was “training for the 300-mile Yukon Arctic ultramarathon” when three toes were lost due to frostbite. A nurse in Canada told the unfortunate man about the odd drink and the bar that serves it.

Griffiths not only plans to give all three digits to the bar, but he hopes to have his lips touch his very own toes when he arrives someday to drink, according to the Mirror.

That leaves everyone to wonder if, since they are his toes, will he have to foot the bill?