New NAFTA Deal

PUBLISHED: 3:46 PM 1 Oct 2018

Canada Agrees To New NAFTA Deal With U.S., Canada

The deal will open up Canada's dairy markets to the U.S., ease auto tariffs on Canada, and also include labor standards and exchange-rate curbs.

Media's latest anti-Trump smear backfires.

The United States and Canada have officially agreed on a trade deal that will preserve the North American Free Trade Agreement, giving President Donald Trump another major trade victory. Democrats have been using the unresolved NAFTA negotiations as their main weapon to attack Trump, but the president just came through big time for the American people.

As many would agree, the president continues to win, blasting any accusations of ‘volatility.’

The deal was finalized on Sunday night, and it sent shock waves through Washington, D.C., as swamp Democrats never imagined Trump would reach a deal with Canada and Mexico to both preserve the agreement, but improve it for American workers.

As details of the final deal continue to emerge, early reports indicate that it will open up Canada’s dairy markets to the U.S., ease auto tariffs on Canada, and will feature exchange-rate curbs as well as new labor standards.

The deal also includes a new name, as Trump said “NAFTA” carries negative connotations and reminds him that the U.S. got ripped off for years because they deal was so unfair. It will now be called the “United States Mexico Canada Agreement,” or USMCA.

Trump praised the deal via Twitter on Monday morning, calling it a major win for all three countries.

The White House struck a deal with Mexico last month to rewrite major portions of NAFTA, and threatened to jettison Canada from the trade pact if it didn’t agree to major concessions, such as opening its dairy market to U.S. farmers. The White House gave Canada a Sept. 30 deadline, and they finalized a deal within an hour of the clock running out.

The U.S. deal with Mexico included major new rules on auto trade — a big priority for the White House — that many argue will substantially boost investment in the U.S. and incentive companies to manufacture in America.

Trump accomplishing a deal with Canada and Mexico proved once again to his critics that he can get the toughest deals done, that also benefit American workers.

It also comes after the Trump administration announced a huge trade deal with the European Union earlier this year, which will eliminate many of the tariffs between the U.S. and E.U.

As noted by Conservative Daily Post, the E.U. agreed to purchase more American soybeans and liquefied natural gas. Trump also announced that they would take steps toward eliminating all tariffs as well as having zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsidies on non-auto industrial goods going forward.

Despite endlessly negative press and doubts from the self-described “experts,” it would be hard to argue that Trump’s trade tactics and threats have not worked.

Considering the United States’ deals with the E.U. and now a revised trade pact with Canada and Mexico, the U.S. could slash the trade deficit by trillions of dollars over the next decade, unleashing the U.S. economy, markets, while giving American workers and companies opportunities likely never seen before.

It’s easy to see that “business as usual” with America is no longer an option, and Trump is accomplishing what many said could never be done.