PUBLISHED: 8:15 PM 27 Feb 2017

Campaign Promise Becomes Reality: 1st Steps Taken As Construction Of Border Wall Begins


Donald Trump is keeping his promise, for he has listened to his supporters as they implore him, “BUILD THE WALL!”

Is it not sad that when great presidents are mentioned, it is always so few who are named? The right always includes Reagan, which is earned. The left always includes JFK and Clinton, and at least one of them is earned; and of course, the Mt. Rushmore faces. Beyond that, unless a report is a due or rare money is collected, most of America can not even name many more presidents and they know nothing about what they did while in office if they can. Most of this may be because America has all but stopped reading since the invention of television, but beyond that, it might be that to many, “all politicians are the same.” They are said to be liars, back stabbers, and some of the most corrupt criminals this side of a jail cell.

There is a lot of truth to this, unfortunately, but one of the names that may just end up on the short list of future generations will be president Donald Trump. If he can manage to unify America and keep his promises at the same time (while avoiding warmongering world leaders), he will be remembered as the president that came when America needed him. This is because if this does not happen, then America as it has been known and loved the world over, will be forever gone. It will have been replaced by something ugly and unrecognizable, something that thrives only as the American dream itself dies.


People of all ages have seen the logic in building the “Trump Wall” to attract only legal, respectful migration.

Trump is wisely choosing to keep his promises before trying too hard to mend any bridges. This route is sadly the only order that will get anything done and around seething Democrats hoping to derail the Trump train on every turn. Therefore, “wall first, bridge building second,” seems to be the direction chosen, as seen in the first steps towards the “Trump Wall” as construction has started to happen.  It was recently reported by Bloomberg that a “preliminary request” for contractors was already issued and that plans are on the table to start construction of the needed wall by the middle of April. Moreover, contractors are to have their proposals ready and “concept papers” in order by March 20 at the latest, with March 24 being when the list from the 20th list of “narrowed candidates” are to be chosen.

While speaking at CPAC, Donald Trump said that construction on “The Wall” was going to start “very soon” and also that, like many things that Trump is at the helm of, “way, way, way ahead of schedule.” It is not being reported how many miles will be covered in total since things like natural barriers see such little traffic that a wall would be overkill.  Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is asking those that work in the field for input. That means that far removed from being a government job with no local oversight, Trumps administration is seeking those who know the problem firsthand.


The costs of illegal immigration are nothing short of crushing. The economy can not and must not allow this to be sustained.

Kelly has toured California, Arizona, and Texas in order to do this, gathering data to be later applied. This one action will prevent costly on-site re-engineering due to bad “from the desk” planning that is the hallmark of most federal government failures. To date, a number of ways exist that would find Mexico paying for “The Wall” at the end of the day, but with the first bricks about to be laid as Spring arrives, it is not clear which option will persevere. However, with the number of promises that Donald Trump has already kept being far higher than most other presidents (during their whole career), it is not likely that this promise will be forgotten, much the chagrin of Nieto.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) are issuing numbers that say the project will cost about $6.5 million per mile for “fencing,” something that Trump has only said would be allowed in very dense areas where getting to the fence would be all but impossible. That means that this number is all but useless considering what is meant by the word “fence,” because whether or not the GAO likes it or not, the people were not a Trump rally’s chanting, “Build the FENCE!”


Trump has promised that while America may foot the bill to get it done with the speed needed in relation to the problem, Mexico will pay back every penny. There exist a number of ways proposed to make this happen.

That means that the more reliable number of $12 billion, which is $3 billion UNDER what even other Republicans suggested, is far closer to the actual total. Some have spoken anonymously that it could cost $21 billion to do the whole border along Mexico, but this is based on “willful ignorance” since Trump has said repeatedly that the natural state of the land IN SOME AREAS likely doesn’t allow for more than a few hundred (at most) illegal crossings per year. Despite what the movies portray, it takes far more than a canteen, a bag of dried meat, and a cloth tent to cross a real wilderness, and that is what much of the non-problem areas are. Due to that, a wall along the entire border is not needed.

A Department of Homeland Security report has put forth the idea that the border construction could take place in two phases. The most alarming part of the report is the great number of times that the word “fence” is really used. It has been said that the word can be used interchangeably with the word “wall,” with some instances being a fence, and others being a brick and mortar wall. Just the same, considering how RINO’s and Democrats love to water down the Trump wine, it would sit much better if the word “wall” were used because America has been short changed in the past by many leaders who saw their agenda ruined.


Mexico’s Nieto will is seeing that the wall is starting, which he said would not happen. Next, he will be paying for it, which he said also would not happen. One step at a time….

America elected Trump in large part because the workers are tired of seeing their wages driven down by workers who send vast amounts of the money back to Mexico after sneaking in and taking jobs. Voters are tired of the crime and the cost of housing criminals that are not even from our nation. Sure, that is not the average Mexican, but the average Mexican is not going to smuggle themselves into the country, either. The hard-working Mexican migrant is going to apply to enter legally. Since many just want to work here anyway (as seen by how they send most of their money back, as mentioned), then it should not be so hard to just apply.

For those who do, an open door and a handshake saying “Welcome aboard.” For those that refuse to use the big beautiful door, the days of free lunches are over. In their place is will be a wall, reminding those that wish to come here that our migration laws matter, after all.