Immigrant Medicaid

PUBLISHED: 3:04 PM 6 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 3:18 PM 6 Jun 2018

California To Award Medicaid Benefits To Illegals

The benefits are outrageous, and democrats do not think anyone will take advantage of the system.

In California, illegal immigrants will now be granted Medicaid benefits.

Many California policies are deliberate Constitution violations as illegal immigrants are welcomed in the same way that American citizens are. This not only endangers national security, but is also highly disrespectful to taxpayers given that they are essentially funding illegal immigrants’ lifestyles after they cross the border.

In the most recent horrendous California legislation passage, the state mandated that it will now fund its Medicaid program to include illegal immigrants.

This will now mean that while American citizens work hard to obtain healthcare benefits, illegals will automatically be granted such.

The outrageous measure passed in the California General Assembly, AB-2965, gives “illegal immigrants access to full-cost healthcare.”

Unsurprisingly, this was predominantly supported by democrats in a 33-21 vote on Wednesday.

While former President Obama ensured that the average worker would be fined for not having healthcare coverage, liberals continuing his unpatriotic legacy are disgustingly proposing that those in the United States illegally will be granted such protections automatically.

This will obviously be economically taxing on the state and will cost it an estimated $3 billion every year that the program continues.

The only thing stopping this from coming to pass would be if the bill is stopped in the state Senate, again, an unlikely possibility considering the liberal lean of the state’s politicians.

While this robs the average taxpayer to benefit those who have in no way contributed to society, liberals who support the bill have noted that they do not fear that illegals will take advantage of the system.

That is a ridiculous anticipation considering that they already do exactly that in seeking emergency care and “health care at community clinics.”

Of course, there is a moral obligation to help someone who is seriously injured or in need; however, it is not Americans’ responsibility to fund preventative care.

Yet it soon will be in California, a sanctuary state, which will now take care of illegals above its own people, further encouraging illegal immigration from Mexico.

This will also encourage immigrants currently residing in other states to move to California where their healthcare needs will be met.

While it is only common sense to expect this, some democrats in the state will defend such ideas in their continuing apparent desire to help non-citizens.

Thankfully, there are some who understand the importance of limiting immigrants’ rights.

Health policy and economics professor from the University of Southern California Joel Hay rightfully opposed the state’s need to continue to protect illegals, saying that the organization “hasn’t seen evidence” that illegals need any additional protections.

It should not require an official organization to determine this, yet it may be the only one that was willing to “question whether the law was necessary.”

However, necessity is apparently questionable under liberal logic considering that back in April, a judge unsurprisingly appointed by Obama mandated that pregnant illegal immigrants in U.S. custody may remain in the country to have abortions.

While many immigrants come to the United States to escape other oppressed societies, the way that liberals appear to be welcoming them undermines actual necessity and instead implies that America is a socialistic society which will assist anyone in need, regardless of urgency.

However, such protections are not extended to law-abiding citizens while “the proposal would eliminate legal residency requirements in California’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal.”

Prior to the recent amendment, illegal immigrants under the age of 19 were entitled to American healthcare benefits, but the recent allowance now extends this to adults who should be held responsible for obtaining their own healthcare.

Of course, in siding with illegals, the California Immigrant Policy Center Deputy Director of Programs and Counsel, Almas Sayeed, defended such rights on the basis that mandated emergency care previously provided is “not the same as having a general practitioner” and that providing healthcare to immigrants “would be a systematic way to keep communities healthy.”

This is admittedly true not only for illegals but also for American citizens who cannot afford to provide their own healthcare.

They too would be admitted under emergency circumstances but would, of course, benefit from receiving preventative care.

This outrageous new provision shows that California has an unexplainable desire to help foreigners above its own residents.

This can be said to be a state-wide problem; however, the way that it is implemented promotes socialism on a national level.

Healthcare is in no way universal in the United States, unless, of course, one is in the country unlawfully.